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Best Ways to Connect Your iPhone Xs Max To TV

Have you been searching for the best ways to connect iPhone Xs Max to TV? Then you are on the right page. Here we will be showing you how you can display the content of your new iPhone Xs Max to your TV

When it comes to watching contents on our devices, no smartphone provides the same experience that a TV brings. For example, watching a movie is more immersive on TV than on your iPhone. There is no doubt that our smartphone display is getting better and better. We now have Quad HD resolution on iPhone Xs and Xs Max which is quite interesting plus the fact that you are getting an OLED display.

The iPhone Xs Max is the biggest iPhone ever made with a huge 6.5-inch screen boasting a super Retina display. Not only that the bezels are less and it offers a full view experience. It is HDR10 ready and watching Netflix or playing games will be quite immersive.

However, for some of us that will like to take this viewing experience to a whole new level, you can connect your iPhone Xs Max to TV in the following ways.

Ways To Connect iPhone Xs Max To TV

⚫  Connect iPhone Xs Max to Tv via the Lightning HDMI Adapter: The lightning HDMI adapter is the official HDMI made by Apple. You can get one and use it to mirror your iPhone screen to your TV.

connect iPhone Xs Max to TV

It quite easy but make sure your TV has an HDMI port. To get started, just plug in the Lightning HDMI adapter to your iPhone Xs Max and connect the adapter to your TV using the standard HDMI cable. Once is successfully connected, you will be able to display your iPhone content unto a larger TV screen.

The Lightning HDMI adapter also has the advantage of being able to charge your iPhone, while watching movies or playing games.


⚫  Connect iPhone Xs Max to TV via Google ChromeCast: We are all familiar with Google Chromecast. You can use to mirror your phone screen to a TV so far the TV supports it. This Chromecast app helps mirror the screen of your phone to your TV easily.

Connect iPhone Xs Max to TV via Google ChromeCast:

To get started buy a Chromecast device, and plug the HDMI port to your TV. For this to work, you have to plug it into a power source and ensure both your Phone and the TV is connected to the same Wifi Network

Once this is done you can now connect the iPhone Xs Max to the Chromecast and go through the setup process.

⚫  Connect iPhone Xs Max to TV Using an Apple TV: This method is quite easy, once you have an Apple TV, you do not need to go through all the wired processes. You can just connect your Apple TV and your iPhone to the same WiFi Network.

Connect iPhone Xs Max to TV Using an Apple TV

You can use a WiFi Router or a Mi-Fi to achieve this seamlessly. Just go to your iPhone Xs Max, swipe up to see the control centre, Select the AirPlay option and choose if you want to mirror your screen or just send videos. You can mirror 4K contents to your Apple TV if it supports 4K


There you have it guys on how to connect iPhone Xs Max to TV. It all depends on the best method that is convenient for you. However, using the lightning HDMI adapter to connect your iPhone XS Max to TV is quite reliable as this will prevent the issues of constant disconnection sometimes experienced with the other method.

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