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Cannot Connect to App Store on iPhone and iPad Error (Solved)

If you own an iPhone or iPad and you recently got the “Cannot Connect to App Store” error while trying to access the app store then you shouldn’t panic as there are ways to fix this which we will be discussing here. There are many reasons why this error might occur and we will be listing those possible causes as well as a solution for each. However, we will like to point out if the error is as a result of hardware damage (it rarely is, but it happens) then the solutions below won’t work but you’ll have to test the solutions below before concluding that it is a hardware related issue. So without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

Make Sure You iPhone or iPad is Connected To The Internet

This is usually the cause of the “Cannot connect to app store” error. If you have no internet connection then obviously you won’t be able to connect to the app store. So you’ll need to check your internet connection and make sure everything is fine. If you’re using a WiFi network, check the router and also disconnect and reconnect to the WiFi network. If you’re using cellular data, check your data balance and also turn off and turn on your data connection. Once you’re sure that everything is in order try accessing the app store again. If it worked then congrats, the problem is fixed, if not, then I’ll suggest you try using another app that’s need an Internet connection, let’s say a browser.

If the browser works and you’ll able to visit websites without any trouble then we can conclude that the problem isn’t from your internet connection. Lets move on to the next solution.

Clear App Store Cache

Cache data are a collection of frequently used files that are stored in apps which makes doing some certain things on an app for the second time and henceforth faster. Cache data are generally a good thing however, they might sometime cause apps malfunction. Clearing the Cache data doesn’t mean you’ll lose any data, it just means that the app will get a fresh start and might be a little bit slower the next time you use it till it builds up another cache. Clearing the App store cache might just be the solution to the problem. To do this, you’ll have to follow the steps below.

  • Launch the App Store App. (Don’t worry about the “Cannot connect to Apple Store” error)
  • You’ll see the tabs Below which includes ” Featured, Categories, Top Charts, Search and Updates”
  • Now, Tap continuously (More than 10 times) on any of those tabs and after doing that(you won’t get a notification saying the app cache has been cleared), close the app, clear it from the background apps and re-open it.

After doing that, the “Cannot connect to Apple Store” shouldn’t show up. On the off chance that it still does, there is still one thing you can try.

Check If Apple Store Is Down

The “Cannot connect to Apple Store” isn’t always as a result of problem on your phone, it might actually be as a result of the App store itself. It is normal for website to go down every once in a while and apps are no exception and when apps go down, you obviously can access it. There are various reasons why an app might be down; maintenance, upgrade, downtime etc. Anyway, if you would like to know if the Apple Store is down so you can stop beating yourself or looking everywhere for solution, you can head over to the Apple System Status Page.

On the System Status Page, Apps up and running are under the Green Dot, Apps with issues that have been resolved are under Yellow and the Apps currently under maintenance are under the Ash dot. If the App Store is under Ash then the only thing you can do is wait as the problem isn’t from your phone, but from the App Store. You can bookmark the page and check later, when the App Store moves to Green then you can access it.

Wrapping Up

A more drastic solution will be to factory reset your device however, this should be used a last resort when other means to fix the problem has proven abortive. If after factory resetting your device and the error is still occurring then then problem is most definitely as a result of an hardware problem, especially if you’ve been experiencing problems with your WiFi and Bluetooth lately. You’ll need to Contact a phone technician to fix that.

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