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Cheapest Data Plans, Internet Bundle Plans in Nigeria

Learn about the best & most affordable Internet data plans in 2020 in Nigeria. Glo, Airtel, MTN, 9mobile (formerly Etisalat), Ntel , best Internet plans for download, best Internet plans for Android phones, best Internet plans for Windows devices, best Internet data plans for laptops and PCs, best Internet plans for iOS devices, best Internet plans for streaming, best Internet data plans for USB Modems and MiFi.

One of the things that gladden the heart of a tech-savvy user of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop is cheap Internet data to surf the web for long, to stream and download fascinating apps, songs, videos, movies, etc. Today, we will be shedding light on the best and cheapest data plans of Nigeria’s top service providers in 2019.

Best & Cheapest Data Plans This Year in Nigeria 2018

Here are all the cheapest Internet plans for 2019 that are offered by the major telcos in this country. You can use these data bundles for your devices, including your Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, laptops, desktop, modem, and so on. Go through them and share your opinion about them with us.

Airtel Double Data

Cheapest Data Plans

The Airtel Double Data bonus offers you as bonus 100 percent of the data you subscribe for. For instance, if you subscribe to 5GB on Airtel, you’ll be given extra 5GB bringing your net data for a month to 10GB.

Unfortunately, as great as this plan is, it isn’t eligible on every Airtel SIM cards. You can check if you are among the lucky users that are eligible to enjoy the plan. If it is not available on your old SIM, you can purchase a new card and check if the plan will work. To test the eligibility of the new SIM, you should dial *144#. If it is, you’ll receive a message like this one:

  • Enjoy Airtel 100% double Data
  • 3GB for N1000
  • 10GB for N2500.

But do keep in mind the chance that the Airtel Double Data will run on it, is 50/50.

Most times, however, it such message doesn’t come up, so you might be compelled to test it out by subscribing to a much lower data plan (like N200 to receive 400MB valid for 3 days) to ascertain if the new SIM is eligible for the Airtel double data offer.

Airtel 3GB for N1000

An equally cool data bundle plan for users of Airtel, in this plan you can enjoy 3GB monthly plan by recharging just ₦1000 airtime. It is quite simple to activate this plan. If you like it, dial *431# on your mobile phone or modem and follow the ensuing instruction/command. To check for your data balance, you can dial *140#.

The Airtel 3GB for ₦1000 plan works on almost all devices and gadgets, with your smartphones and tabs inclusive. You might also have a quick look at the Airtel Youtube Streaming, which gives you 4.5GB with ₦1000 and massive 19GB for ₦4000. Interested in this offer? Dial *323# and follow the ensuing prompt. The validity date of this plan is a month, as the Normal Monthly Plan.

MTN Double Data

Mtn Cheapest Data Plans

This plan also works like the Airtel version: On select MTN SIM cards, the Double Data Offer multiplies your data by 100 percent. For example, if you opt for the 5GB monthly plan, you’ll be given free 5GB, and your total Internet data will accumulate to 10GB monthly plan.

It’s supposed to be available for every MTN SIM but it more economical for the provider to make the majority of cards ineligible. But you needn’t worry if your SIM is among the ineligible ones as there are other great plans that the network provides, highlighted below:

MTN 2.5GB + 1GB for ₦2000

You can select the 2.5GB + 1GB for only ₦2,000, the best data plan for every device, which is available only for MTN subscribers. If you’re interested, you can activate it by sending 110 via SMS to 131. If this data bundle doesn’t cut it for you, you can check the below MTN Data Bundle Plan.

MTN 4GB for ₦1000 (1 Month)/1GB for ₦200

This is one of the more recent MTN data bundle plans. It lets you activate 4GB for ₦1000, 1GB for ₦200 as well as 250MB for ₦100. To get started, you can dial *131*65# and follow the ensuing prompt.

Glo Monthly Plans

Glo Cheapest Data Plans

It is no longer news that Nigeria’s own Glo has reduced their data bundle; the prices, however, remain normal. Before now, you could make use of ₦500 to get 2GB, ₦1000 for 3.2GB, ₦2000 for 7.5GB. But right now ₦500 now gets you 1GB for 14 days, ₦1000 2GB for 30 days, ₦2000 4.5GB for 30days, and ₦2500 10GB also for 30days.

Well … it is not all that bad though as these plans are still great in comparison with both MTN and Airtel Day and Night bundle plans.

9mobile 1GB/1.5GB for ₦200

Etisalat Cheapest Data Plans

Since the change of ownership of this network and the Etisalat-9mobile transformation, one of the major achievements that all users of the service providers enjoy is the 1GB data that goes for ₦200 without tweaking. The offer is valid for 3days.

The interesting part is that you can be given 5GB for N1000 when you re-subscribe at the end of every plan. To get started, you should dial *929*10#.

We also have the 9mobile 4.5GB for ₦500 and 1.5GB also for ₦200.

9Mobile Heavyweight Awoof

On this 9mobile new service, you can enjoy 250 percent airtime bonus, free 1.5GB Internet data, and free weekly chat, and when the free 1-GB data is exhausted or has expired, you can get 1GB of data for ₦500 on the next subscription you make. This is one of the fantastic perks 9mobile offers its customers.

However, to activate the plan, you have to buy a new SIM card from the walk-in center that is closest to you. After getting the card, register it, load any airtime amount on it, and enjoy every benefit of this offer.

9Mobile Youtube Streaming

Starting from the 1GB Plan for 1 month and 4GB for ₦3000 for 1 month, the 9mobile Youtube streaming is available for Monthly plans on this network. It works smoothly on all 9Mobile SIM cards and all devices, almost like the Airtel version, too.

You should note that it’s only activated after subscribing to any monthly data plans on the network. You can get started by dialing *200# from your mobile phone, selecting 3 for data option, and opting for any data plan you choose.

Ntel WAWU Sim

And here comes the last but not the least option: The Ntel WAWU SIM, which is also a cheap Data bundle plan. Unfortunately, it’s only for some states in the country. With your Ntel WAWU SIM card, which demands that you register a new card, you’ll be given 2 cards. One of the SIMs has 1GB data that is valid only for 48 hours (2 days), while on the other one, you’ll be offered 10GB of Internet data which is valid for 30 days.

Explained above are the best cheapest data plans in 2019 on Nigeria’s major service providers. You can opt for any of the plans of your choice, depending on your budget and needs.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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