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Could this be the Oneplus 7? [Leaked Photo]

OnePlus 7 is the next in line in the OnePlus series and going by the tradition, in about four or five months time, the device should be announced. The OnePlus 7 is a flagship device and as such will have flagship specifications. Though unconfirmed, we will be looking at pretty much a Snapdragon 855 Chipset, 6 to 6.3-inch AMOLED display, 8GB, 10GB and maybe even 12GB of RAM accompanied by 128GB/256GB of Internal storage and of course, Android 9.0 Pie.

As the Launch date(which, as at now, is unknown) draws closer, more and more details about the upcoming flagship will somehow find its way to the internet. The first in the series of leaks yet to come is the screen which seems to be the only part of the upcoming smartphone that is not a given at this point.

SlashLeaks, a popular leakster published a side by side photo of the OnePlus 6T and the what seems to be the upcoming OnePlus 7. Right of the bat, we could see that there is literally no bezel at the top; No notch, not screen hole or punch hole. Now, this could be mean a number of things; dual screen, sliders or even chin-placed front facing camera like that of the Mi Mix 2. However, if these photo turns out to be true, it does rule out the possibility of a notch and screen/punch hole style camera which still leaves quite a few possible outcomes for the camera placement on the OnePlus 7.

In the pursuit for an actual full-screen display, smartphone makers have really come up and still coming up with different ideas. With the notch and screen hole ruled out (if the leaked photo is anything to go by), we are left with the sliders; manual and motorised. Add this to the fact that there is a considerable amount of space at the top of the alleged OnePlus 7 case behind it than there is for the OnePlus 6T beside it then the slider theory might actually start to look real.

Generally, moving parts aren’t a good thing on a smartphone but if it came down to choosing between the manual slider as seen on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 or the motorised slider as seen on the Oppo Find X then Personally, I’ll have to go with the Manual Slider. The feeling of sliding and hearing it click in place is just great. Motorised sliders on the other hand, not so great.

Anyway, you should obviously take this with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed at this point. For all we know, OnePlus might still be on the drawing board and might end up ditching the slider and putting a notch, screen hole or even slapping a secondary screen at the back as seen on the ZTE Nubia X. What do you think the OnePlus 7 will look like? If it ends up using the slider will be motorised or manual? Do let us know in the comment section down below

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