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DxO To Release DxO ONE Camera For Android Devices

DxO ONE Camera For Android Devices Coming soon 


DxO just announced they will soon release a new model of the DxO One that will be compatible with Android smartphones, for users who want to take part in the early access program for the product.

The DxO accessory was launched back in 2015 and until recently, it only works with iOS devices.

The company has promised they will soon release a variant of the camera that will be compatible with all Android smartphones through the USB type-C port.

DxO will also be launching an Android app that will act as the camera’s viewfinder. Additionally, users can control the aperture, ISO settings and shutter speed of the camera through the app, even if the accessory is not yet connected to the camera.

DxO One

The DxO ONE camera houses a one-inch, 20-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor, a six-element aspherical lens and an aperture size of f/1.8 with a full-frame focal length comparable to 32mm. The size of the sensor is equivalent to what is found in compact cameras, but the size of the DxO ONE accessory is very much smaller than the full-fledged snappers.

The camera on the DxO ONE is a must have for all photography loving Android users, it sports a six-blade iris diaphragm, which is used to adjust the aperture size of the camera from f/1.8 – f/11.

Captured photos can be saved in either JPEG or DNG file formats. The DxO ONE camera also supports the Super RAW format, which is specifically designed for environment with low-light. Although it looks heavy, but it is not. Weighing less than 108 grams and measuring less than three inches in height.

Apart from the camera, the company also sells accessories that could help improve users’ experience of the device. When you buy the DxO ONE, you will get a battery pack and tilt stand, which is in every purchase of the device. The battery provides two additional hours of battery life, while the tilt stand offers five tilt directions for the camera.

If you want to be a part of DxO ONE’s Early Access program, then you should go to the company’s website and enter your email address. DxO assures that the participants of this program will frequently receive updates that will better your photographic experience with exclusive bonuses as well.

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Joseph Young
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