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DxOMark Rating: Huawei Mate 20 Pro cameras are not better than P20 Pro

Recent research conducted by imaging experts at DxOMark has revealed that the triple – camera set up found at the back of the Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro Android flagship is not clearly better to the one used by the P 20 Pro – an older phablet launched by the Chinese firm some months ago. The French firm revealed that the P 20 Pro camera was the best mobile photography tool that was created in 2018.  They described the triple lens system as a great innovation in smartphone photography thereby putting Huawei rivals behind them in mobile photography.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Meanwhile, fans had wanted the newer Mate 20 Pro to outperform its older sibling even if it is by a small margin just like the previous flagships do year after year. I guess that did not come to pass rather the Mate 20 Pro’s rear cameras are found to be the same with those of the P series devices and the video quality of the Mate 20 Pro is found to be slightly inferior too.

Do you think that this is a step backwards?

In terms of illustrative figures, Mate 20 Pro was given 114 and 97 scores by DxOMark for still photography and video respectively.  This is also how the older P 20 Pro flagship was rated last year. Though the P 20 Pro got 98 in the film making department. The inconsistent testing scenario might have pushed the DxOMark’s rating backwards for the flagship but in their analysis, they revealed that the incremental differences between the two scores should be indicative of cameras that are identical for all end users’ intents and purposes.

Huawei P20 Pro and P20

Even though the Mate 20 Pro does not offer all those benefits like its reliance on the highly similar three – lens system, it also comes with better algorithms that can show any detail that is hidden in the shadow. Super wide-angle lens was included in its Android phablet by the Chinese tech giants but such feature was not used by DxOMark in its rating.

When it comes to shooting landscape, the glasses allow for some added versatility and this can also be used in some scenarios – depending on the image that you are aiming at.  But the picture quality is not really affected by the different fields of views, that’s assuming all other components are identical which seems to be the case here.

The two devices are not good in handling the image noise but it appears that the Mate 20 Pro is the worst – delivering textures of dubious quality in low light conditions. In the test conducted last year, the P 20 Pro was a bit better although the difference is small, which might be attributed to human error. The newer phablet has improved internally with a more powerful SoC and a much better image signal processor and so the problems may now fall on software issues which we presume that Huawei will address in the future.

In summary, both flagships still offer the best mobile photography experience which DxOMark’s experts and many other tech experts believe.

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