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How to Enable Unknown Sources and Install Apps On Android

The Android OS is an open platform that enables one to install as many applications as we want. The good news is that you can install from both Google Play and unknown sources.

However, you might need to activate Unknown sources before you can install apps from a third party. This article provides a guide on how you can download and install applications on your Android.

By default, your Android phone prevents the installation of applications that are not from the Play Store. There are many applications that you may intend to use and they may not be on the Play Store. You will have to permit the installation from those other sources and then proceed.

How to enable “Unknown Sources” On Devices running Older Android OS

  • Different devices vary but there is a similarity between the processes. Proceed to the main settings of your phone and then locate the ‘Security’ option.
  • Click on Security, you will see ‘unknown sources’ option. Then toggle it on.

How to Enable Unknown Sources’ On Devices running New Android OS

Sideloading of applications has undergone some since the arrival of Android 8.0. There are no more ‘unknown sources’ but rather each application undergoes its own process. The meaning of this is that you have to permit your browser to do an installation and this is after downloading APK.

It is also the same thing when you want to set up an APK probably from the explorer of your file and permission applies too. This seems to be a much simpler way and you can download the APKs and then proceed to permit installation.

Tap on the settings and then enable next and ‘allow this source’ within the next screen. Now click the back button and go on with your installation.

Revoking The Unknown Applications For Android Oreo

Now if you find out the application is not good enough and you want this application out of your device, you can do that. Clicking on the back package will not do that. So below is how you can do that.

  • Go to setting on your phone and locate “Apps & notifications”
Install apps via Unknown Sources
  • Proceed to locate “special app access
Unknown Sources
  • You will see ‘install unknown apps’ and this is at the bottom
Install apps via Unknown Sources 2
  • A list of all the applications exist and this shows those ones that you permit and the rest
  • You can tap on that very application and then remove the permission
  • Also, you can permit an application and this is vice versa


Android smartphones are very good for, applications, and most applications are in Google Play. However, you may intend to use applications from other sources and this is what this article tells you how to do. You can share opinions with us.

Ikechukwu Nwuzoh
Ikechukwu Nwuzoh
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