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Facebook Year in review 2017: Top 6 apps that help create similar stories

Facebook Year in review 2017: Top 6 apps that help to create similar stories

Facebook users are always getting stories and a glimpse of what their lives have been all year. A lot could happen in 365 days, and we always post videos, photos and our amazing moments on these social apps. Facebook isn’t the only app you can get all the unforgettable memories you have shared all year.

There are so many other apps that offer this feature, but in this article, I will be listing the top 6 apps. These apps help you create stories and show you what your year has been like;

1. My year on Twitter

Twitter allows users to make a video recap of their year on the social site. You can also see your Golden Tweet (tweet with most retweets, likes and replies). The feature also shows your number one fan and the 10 words you use quite often.

2. Google+ Auto Awesome

Are you active on Google+? If you are, then you also can get “your year in review stories”. As long as you have posted any video or photos on your account since the beginning of the year. Google+ gives users an Auto Awesome video, which automatically creates magical stories from the photos and videos on your profile.

3. Statigram

Everyone is probably on Instagram these days, posting beautiful photos and amazing videos. How about getting “your year in review” on the popular photo-sharing platform? Statigram does it with ease, like making a cute short video from your five most liked images.

4. Everlapse

It is like Statigram but only better, with Everlapse you can make videos with as much as 20 photos. Cool right?

5. Flipagram

Instagram is very popular, and we only post pictures we cherish on the social site. Flipagram is one of the most popular apps to compile “your year in review” for Instagram. The app also works on Facebook and your Camera Roll.

6. Storify

Finally, if you are on lots of social media platform and have lots of photos scattered all over. Don’t worry, Storify is the best app to use, it pulls photos and videos from all social media platforms. Now you create breathtaking memories from all your photos and videos on the Internet.

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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