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First Android Q beta Build Appears online with interesting features

There are indications that a team of Google developers has started building a new Android Q even when the Android pie is yet to reach mass adoption. The guys at XDA developers have stumbled upon the latest upcoming OS version tested at the latest Google Pixel XL and they have shared some features that are expected on the new Android OS.


Since the ROM was built recently, it comes with the latest OS with February 2019 security patch and it is up to date with Google AOSP internal master. Even as most of the features were found missing, it is interesting to know that a lot of discoveries were made in the new OS.

One of the first discoveries is the system-wide dark theme. It can be configured to trigger at any time of the day or set to remain on permanently. The unique thing is that you have the choice to force it to third-party apps that don’t have a native dark mode. The theme was tested on Facebook by the guys in XDA and it worked pretty well taking into account that the OS is still in the early build.

Some changes were also made in the permission menu. This time around, it gives you more control over the accessibility of apps in real time. For example, you can see each app’s permission individually and you can be able to off the microphone or GPS when needed. Also, forcing apps to close or uninstalling apps is pretty easier to do now. You can check your notification tray and if you tap on the icon, it will take you to the permission menu where you can be able to see the particular app that is accessing your location.

Another thing that is seen is the new “desktop mode”. Going through the developer’s options menu, you will see “force desktop mode” toggle and the description says “force experimental desktop mode on secondary display”. It seems that Google is going to give us a Samsung DeX- like feature, but the bad news is that it was not fully functional in the early build.

Also, the freeform window seems to be heading back and you can launch freeform multi-window mode by long tapping on an app ion when you are in the recent app menu.

Other useful options in the OS include; launching the emergency dialer via the power menu as well as screen caption option which is also found in the power menu.

You can also see an off switch for all the sensors, additional screen lock option when you see a trusted device around. There is also an improvement in the built in-files app and new behaviour for all those Random pop -up notification.

More development needs to be done until Autumn this year but it is good to have an overview of what is to be expected in the new Android Q.


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