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Tap to Load: How to Fix Tap to Load on Snapchat

This article will teach you how to fix tap to load on Snapchat. A lot of Snapchat users are having issues with the tap to load problem, you can help the community by sharing this tutorial with any Snapchat user that you know. Snapchat is one of the most famous social media platforms right now. The platform has modern, trendy and impressive features like chatting with friends or family without the chats getting stored, sharing your daily lives with friends via pictures, editing pictures with fun stickers and other tools, and stay updated with what is happening with your friends, family, celebrity or people you follow. The tap to load problem is a glitch where it takes a longer time to see a snap, sometimes the snap won’t load at all.

How to Fix Tap to Load on Snapchat

It is quite easy to fix the tap to load glitch on Snapchat but it can be annoying if you don’t know how to go about it. Below are several tricks you can try and see if the glitch stops;

  • Reboot your phone to allow the Snapchat app to refresh.
  • Turn off Snapchat optimization in the settings.
  • Turn off data saver.
  • Turn off the battery saver mood.
  • Clear the Snapchat cache in the application settings.
  • Check your device’s app store to see if Snapchat has a new update. If yes, update the app to the latest version.

If the tap to load glitch persists after trying the above tricks, then you’ll need to contact the Snapchat customer service support team. But in most cases, one of the above tricks should solve the tap to load glitch. Some of the common reasons for this glitch is cache issues, app loading problems, low RAM space and bad network.

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