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Top Best Free Movies Streaming Apps For Android and iOS

Nowadays, there are many Free Movies Streaming Apps to stream movies online for free. While some of these apps are free, you can as well subscribe to their premium version, for example, the YouTube Red. Entertainment at often times is usually the best measure of relaxing after a long day of tedious work.

For some, it could be sports, vacation and the likes while some others might likely consider watching movies and other TV programs. However, owing to the trend of technology, it has become easier to watch movies of any sort, even from the comfort of anywhere utilizing some certain apps with your mobile Smartphone.

Usually, the Google play store and Apple store are usually the platforms for downloading such apps but still, it can download from other sources depending on the available memory space.

If you watch movies on your Android Smartphone or tablet on the go you need to store some movies or stream movies through various services. Due to the large size of movies, we need first to convert them to a format that is supported and reduce the size to be able to store multiple movies on the device. Nonetheless, while manually doing this, it is not usually easy but with the touch of software advancement technology, the process becomes as easy as it can be.

There are different available options for downloading such as website or application, but not all of these media are legal and can be well trusted.

Aside from this, you may end up not finding your desired video and TV shows. But while downloading videos from Video apps available from popular movie streaming services like Google play movies, Flixster, Hulu Plus, Netflix amongst others, you can be sure of not having to worry of such vices.

Best Free Movies Streaming Apps

Most times, most users prefer enjoying premium contents available free and still with a little compromise. However, we’ve highlighted some of the trusted unsurpassed movies streaming apps. They include;

1. Kodi XBMC

Kodi-Free Movies Streaming Apps

This app comes with a feature that helps you to stream movies online by storing files as add-ons from Kodi. You will need to download the repository files from Kodi and then add then as add-ons. Kodi XBMC is equally an interesting app for watching movies online, you will particularly find it useful as you can install lots of other apps in this one app.

The app uses a 10-foot user interface which is quite intuitive and acts as a media player for the living-room. It works with remote control as the primary input device. You can easily browse and view videos, photos, podcasts, and music from a hard drive, optical disc, local network, and the internet using only a few buttons.

2. TerrariumTV App

This is one of the best Free Movie Streaming Apps and what this app does is that it hosts a lot of free movies on drive and cloud service. it has support for chrome cast, Fire TV and Fire Stick. You can download movies in HD, FHD as well as in 4K format. Download here

3. Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box App is another popular app to watch movies and TV Shows on your Android OS system. The App offers the latest movies and TV shows in full HD quality from various global servers.

Apparently, there are quite lots of Free Movies Streaming Apps that are unsafe in nature and as such inject a virus into your device. These apps ask for permission which is not required for their normal functioning. For example, these apps may request for permissions which of course are not needed to stream the movies or TV shows.

But this is quite unlike what the Bobby Movie box App entails. The app was available on the Google play store before it was removed due to Google’s Policies & Conditions, the legality of Bobby Movie box App solely depends on your residential country and also on the material being presented.

4. Viewster

Talking about a platform that proposes orderliness and thrilling features, then this anime kind of app comes to mind. The video offers one of the latest videos will be displayed right at the start.  Viewster has many cool features, for example, one can easily search for content faster at the search bar located on the top right, and there is a neatly divided channels menu. Also, this app isn’t limited to offering videos alone, there is also a subsection that contains blog posts for user’s pursuance. It is one of the best Free Movies Streaming Apps for Android device.

5. Crackle

Just like any other product from Sony the Crackle is one of the best in terms of movie streaming app, a lot of special gems and movies are watched with less charge. To keep users glued, this app offers lots of full-length TV series and movies. The app is supported by multiple devices. In addition, one can even pause and resume a movie on another. The app is also designed to enable the sharing of contents on the Crackle social sites.

If you love watching free movies on Android then this App is for you. Crackle TV allows users to watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV shows on their devices. The platform contains hundreds of movies including the latest movies and blockbusters such as INEAPPLE EXPRESS, BIG DADDY, and the likes.

6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is actually a real television service that has apps for a number of platforms including iOS and Android. This movie apps categories movie types to the likes of Horror, Action, and Drama.

Apart from Android and iOS devices, Pluto TV also runs smoothly on Amazon Fire and Roku. With over 100 video channels streaming free all the time, it makes it easier to connect to a larger screen. It is no doubt one of the best Free Movies Streaming Apps you can download. However, Pluto TV isn’t limited to movies and shows alone. The app also offers a healthy dose of live streaming of Sports and News. And all these for free too.

7. YouTube

As widely known, most movies that belong in the public domain is available free of charge on YouTube. Still, you don’t have to limit yourself to old and classic titles only. A number of independent filmmakers use this platform to offer their products. It is undoubtedly true that YouTube might is one of the best Free Movies Streaming Apps and quality video streaming app.

8. Showbox for android

Talking about the best Free Movies Streaming Apps, Show BOX is among for android and it is a user-friendly interface. You can watch movies, TV series and even reality shows. You can navigate quickly. This app allows you to watch movies, stream videos from third party websites without any hassles. HD quality is allowed, you can stream full HD (1080P) videos if your device is quality enough. And all these are all without a cost. The app has the advantage of downloading contents and save them to be used later

9. Mega Box HD

This is another free movie streaming App just likes Show box. It is very small in size and will not take any resources from your Smartphone. It allows you to stream free movies on Android; you can download titles from the Mega Box HD app and stored them to watch later. All these we can say are all due to the technological advancement that has totally engulfed the global trend of watching videos. So if after all these you are still missing out from watching quality, free videos from your Android devices, then you are definitely missing out a lot.

10. Newest Movie HD

Subscription is not needed to watch movies in the Newest Movie HD. You can download movies for free on your android using this app. Also, users can download and stream movies in different qualities. The app contains a selection of genres and categories.

From the list highlighted above, we can confidently say that watching free movie and TV shows have gone from being easy to become SUPER SIMPLE.

The list of some of the best Free Movies Streaming Apps could go endlessly and thus make streaming videos quite confusing and burdensome. But from the highlighted options, it is easy to choose which is preferable and meets user’s needs without having to overstress themselves.

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  1. Im confused I want to download movies to my tablet so that I don’t have to stream them online because my dad is really slow where I live. I use wifi at work to download so that I can go home and have it without having to use my data. what site should I go to for that?? and how do I do it> through a computer? or can I so it straight from my tablet??

  2. I absolutely LOVE this app!!!! It has my favorite shows on HBO that showbox never even had. I still miss showbox, but not that mich now


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