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You can now get help during Crisis on Facebook Community help

Facebook Community Help Now live in some selected countries

Facebook community help has been announced. Facebook wants to ensure that every user in the community is safe and able to get help during emergency and crisis that is why Facebook is taking the safety check feature to a totally new level.

The social network announced Wednesday a new feature called community help. Now the importance of community help is that it affords users the opportunity to reach out to each other during emergency situations.

facebook community help

When safety check is activated during emergency and crisis, for example in terms of hurricane and flooding, an additional option to find and give help will be displayed and those who needs help can request for help and those who want to offer help can do so.

Help givers can give items like baby supplies, food shelter, transportation, etc. These will be done in a post stating the givers location and those who needs help can be linked easily for support.

Community Help will initially be available to users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Saudi Arabia. And there’s plan to extend it to other countries so that more crisis prone areas could be reached.

Facebook community help feature will not show up for every emergency but will only show for the most critical ones such as natural disaster and serious flooding.

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