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Google For Nigeria: Major Product Announcements from the Event

Tech giant, Google has announced some new products and features during their third annual ‘Google For Nigeria’ event. According to Google Nigeria Director Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, these features and products will make Google more helpful to people not just in Nigeria, but Africa at large.

Below we give you the highlights of the features and products announced by the company;

Google Maps with the new user interface: In this new feature, Google takes into consideration motorcycles, which is a major mode of transportation in Nigeria and Africa. Often times than not, the route of motorcycles are different from that of cars. Google is introducing a dedicated travel mode that will provide navigation and directions for motorcycles in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Benin Republic, Uganda and Togo.

Bolo: This is a speech-based app for kids. The app will help kids learn how to read in English and read it out loud. Bolo is already available in India, so it’s now available in Nigeria and Ghana.


Google Go with Lens: The integration of Google Lens with Google Go will make help people read, translate and search for words using their camera.

Gallery Go: This is a light version of Google Photos. It has a similar function and works offline.

Launchpad Space in Lagos: Following Google’s 3-year 2017 commitment to provide $3 million or more in equity-free funding and mentorship, the company has announced a launchpad space in Lagos. This will enable Africa developers to learn, be inspired and stay connected.

Nigerian Voice in Google Go: Google’s Assistant will now feature a Nigerian voice. The voice is also charged with giving directions in Google Maps.

Street View: Lagos was the first city in Nigeria to get the panoramic image street view, other cities such as Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu and Benin City have now joined the list.

Other announcements made in the event are a $3million grant, winners of Pitch Drive, 30,000 Africa Certification Scholarships, and an education curriculum for Safer Internet.

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