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Google’s Product 2019 Road Map for the Year Revealed

A new report has emerged about googles product road map for the year. If you can recall, the Google pixel was leaked by a Russian Youtuber. The prototype was said to have been kept secret before the Russian leaked everything. That was weeks before the device was officially unveiled. Today, A new report from Taipei’s Nikkei has also shown googles road map for the year.

From the information that we got, Google will finally be launching a budget-friendly device this year to appeal to the pressures from customers. The Pixel 3 model came with  MSRP of $799 but this non-premium model (likely Pixel 3Lite) is expected to be sold below the $749 MSRP of the iPhone XR. There is no specific price for the device yet but we assume that the device will likely be sold between $500 and $650.

Other things that Google plan to release this year outside smartphone include new smart speaker products. The new smart speaker will serve as a successor to the original Google home and the next generation Google home mini. Another thing that the company will release includes wearables. So, we are likely going to see something like “Pixel Watch”.

Also, someone close to the company also revealed that Google will release a “web camera”. According to him, Google will be launching a new nest home security camera. We expect the Pixel device to be launched toward the end of the year as usual.

All these information’s did not reveal the specific date that these products will be unveiled. But we might get more info about these products during the googles annual I/O developer conference. The company will talk about the future of Google services and Android during the event. We await the conference to know more about future innovations from Google.

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