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How To Watch HBO Max On LG Smart TV no App

Do you own an LG Smart TV and you’re looking for how to watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV no app? Look no more, we’ll be showing every step in this post. HBO Max is a stand-alone streaming platform that was launched in mid-2020. The platform which is owned by AT&T boasts of over 44 million users as of April 2021. Sadly, the platform does not support LG Smart TV but we have found a way for you to enjoy your favourite HBO TV series and movies.

How To Watch HBO Max On LG Smart TV no App

There are many ways to watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV that will not require the streaming platform application. The easiest way to access HBO Max on a 2019 or newer LG Smart TV is by using the AirPlay 2 support which is already included in the TV. Use the AirPlay 2 to stream HBO Max from your Apple iPhone to the LG Smart TV.

However, for those that own an older model of LG Smart TV, one of the best ways to watch HBO Max is to connect a streaming player (e.g. Apple TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Fire Stick) or a gaming console (e.g. Xbox One & PlayStation 4 or 5) to your TV.

As long as the streaming player or game console supports the HBO Max app, you should be able to stream it on your LG Smart TV. And in case these are expensive to purchase for those that don’t already own them, an affordable option is the Google Chromecast. It is an HDMI stick that plugs directly into your LG Smart TV. It allows you to cast contents from your smartphone (Android or iPhone) to the LG Smart TV. HBO Max supports the Goggle Chromecast dongle, so you shouldn’t have any problem streaming their contents.

Other way to Watch HBO Max on Smart TV

Get HBO Max on YouTube TV

With your LG Smart TV, then you can easily access HBO Max through the YouTube TV app. Follow these steps to get HBO Max on your LG Smart TV:

Step 1: On your smart LG TV go to the app installation section to install the YouTube TV app on your LG TV. You can do this by opening the LG Content Store from your TV home screen and downloading the YouTube TV app to your TV.

Step 2: Once the app is installed, you can then set up HBO Max on your YouTube TV from our guide that we have linked below.

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