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Best High Graphics Games for Android

Over the years, Android has gone from that little piece of a device that could hardly play basic 2D games to a device capable of handling some high-end games with console-quality graphics. Going through the Google play store in search of the best High Graphics Games for Android can be pretty tasking given the millions of games available for download on the Google Play store. We’ve done the work for you and came up with a pretty decent list of games with great graphics you can play on your android device.

Note: The games below need some pretty decent hardware just like PPSSPP games in order to be able to run smoothly so if you can’t find any game listed below in your Google Play store then your device just can’t run it.

1 PUBG Mobile

There is no way to talk about the best High graphics games for Android without PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile needs no introduction. The mobile version is a direct port of the PC version which means it has almost all the features of the PC version. The game has both an FPP (First-person shooter) and TPP (Third-person shooter) mode. The Graphics of this shooter game is adjustable based on your device and on the highest settings (which only a handful of devices can run) looks very realistic and pretty close to the PC version. If you’re into shooter games with a few tactics then you would definitely love this one.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is also another game that doesn’t need any introduction and is also a direct port of the PC version. The game, like PUBG Mobile, features adjustable Graphics settings with the most powerful settings maxing it out. However, other devices can play the game too but at reduced graphics settings which is still way better than some other games out there. Unlike PUBG Mobile, this game has only TPP mode and there is no support for FPP, at least for now.

3 GodFire: Rise Of Prometheus

If you’re a fan of the God of war game on the PlayStation console then you will most definitely like this game. This game is an adventure hack and slash game in which you will have to slice your way through hordes of realistic and terrifying enemies. You’ll have to solve some puzzles and also find hidden items/treasures. Asides from the regular mission, you can also explore the open world. You also get to play the game and defeat the bosses the way you like.

4. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is by far the best car racing game on Android. This car racing game offers you a console-like experience at the palm of your hands with the ability to drive the most prestigious cars ranging from BMW to Lamborghini to Porsche and even Ferrari just to name a few. You can also customize each and every car available in the game how you deem fit. If you’re a fan of car racing games then this game right here is the best when it comes to not only graphics but gameplay.

5. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A tale of two sons might not be that appealing but the gameplay and storyline of this game are just perfect. The games have won over 50 awards with ratings of 10/10 and a minimum of 9/10. In this game, you play as two brothers; Naia and Naiee, Controlling and guiding them in search of the “Water of Life” needed to save their dying father while solving various puzzles and fighting different bosses on the way. No mobile game has ever connected emotionally than the way this game has.

Other Notable mentions of the best high graphics games for Android includes the following:

– Modern Combat 5

– Wild Blood

– Mortal Kombat X

– Ultimate Tennis

– Walking Dead: The Game

– Real Racing 3

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