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How To Access, Enable And Use Reachability On iPhone XS

When Apple unveiled the 4-inches iPhone 5, it felt snuggly in our hands. You could reach anywhere on the screen, without having to stretch your fingers too wide. It was the perfectly-sized phone from Apple.

However, after Android manufacturers started churning out large bezel screens with amazing UIs, Apple decided to take the big leap too. But Android smartphones have easy to use one-hand mode feature or reachability mode as the case may be,

The Californian hardware and software big boys introduced models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s to contest with Android rivals. And it packed plenty of exciting features in the engine. But questions like a flood, flushed down in sluices over the behemoth screen.

If you had smaller hands, reaching the top of your iPhone’s display would cause the lines on your forehead to crease. As if they already knew what buyers would think, they attached and strung into the shipped iOS what was called “Reachability.”

This allows users to temporarily access parts of the phone that are further away from the reach of their fingers i.e. if you had smaller hands or used your iPhone with one hand.

The software slides down over one-third of the apps closer to the top of the screen, down, until reaching midway, closer to the bottom of your device leaving the other half of the screen empty. And you could do this by just double-tapping the Touch ID/Home button on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

However, if you’re an iPhone Xs owner, it’s a little trickier. On the iPhone Xs, there is no Touch ID button. No more double-tapping. Rumours had earlier floated about claiming Apple had axed the amazing software from the iPhone Xs. Turned out to be a sham, later on. “Reachability” is very much stitched inside your iPhone X UI. And we are going to show you how to find this jewel.

How To Enable Reachability On iPhone Xs

By default, Reachability is disabled on the iPhone Xs, which pretty makes it inaccessible. So first, you need to get it enabled on your device.

  • Make sure your iPhone is switched on. Tap the settings icon on your screen.
  • Tap on General. It draws out a list of options. Tap on Accessibility.
  • Finally, toggle the switch on the far right of the Reachability text, to the right which turns green. When you do this, Reachability is enabled. Toggle to the left again, Reachability is disabled.

Voila! You have finally finished the setup. Next, we will show you how to use this amazing software on your iPhone Xs.

How To Use Reachability Software On Your iPhone Xs

Now that you’re through with enabling Reachability software on your iPhone. It’s time to bring Reachability into action.

  • On your Home screen, you will find a separate small row of apps, just at the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, swipe down from the middle of the row of apps. Once done, the entire screen will slide down, hiding the bottom half, and revealing only the upper half. This brings elements that were further from the reach of your fingers on your phone closer. And there you have it!
  • If you’re inside an app already, and you need to use the Reachability software, look for an arrow that points downward at the bottom of your iPhone screen. Touch your fingers on the gesture bar and swipe down.
  • If you want to return back to full screen, swipe up from the gesture bar. Or tap any area outside the active UI window.

You can also access the Control centre from your iPhone Xs once Reachability mode is active. Swipe down from the right corner of your iPhone’s screen that has the network, Wi-Fi and battery icons. This immediately reveals the Control centre.

To quickly access the Notification centre also, just swipe down from the left notch of your iPhone.Very impressive add-on by Apple. Is this helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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