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How To Block People On Facebook Android/iOS

In this post, we will be looking at how to block people on Facebook easily. Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform, and of course, that means a lot of people are on the platform to meet new people and interact. Some of them could be annoying and you might want to completely block them from having access to profile or chatting you up.

Here are some few easy steps to get rid of annoying people on Facebook, and block some negativity, unpleasant comments, content or remarks. Yes, Facebook lets you block those people and completely silence them from your profile and wall.

How To Block People On Facebook With Browser

If you’re using a web browser, you can easily block Facebook users on the platform by following the steps below.

• Open the browser and navigate to the Facebook, or simply login

• Get straight to the point by looking for the circle in the upper right-hand corner with a question mark inside (click on it).

• There will a drop-down menu. Click on Privacy shortcuts

How To Block People On Facebook easily

• Click on Privacy and go further to see more privacy settings options.

How To Block People On Facebook

• There’s a column you will see a section that’s “Blocking”. Click on this.

Block People On Facebook

• You will see a “Block users” section.

• You can now enter the name of the user you want to delete, then click on the Block button.

• You will be prompted to confirm that you want the person to be blocked, then proceed.

Please note that once you block someone, the person can no longer see things you post on your timeline, tag you, invite you to events or groups, start a conversation with you, message you or add you as a friend. However, this does not include apps, games or groups you both participate in. The person won’t know they’ve been blocked until they try to visit your feed.

How To Block Someone on Facebook on Android, iPhone or iPad

This is more fast and easy than using a web browser, it’s also a bit different if you’re using an iOS or Android device.

  • Launch Facebook (App)
  • Tap on the three lines icon in the bottom right corner.
  •  Scroll down until you find “Settings & Privacy”.
  •  Tap this then select Settings.
  •  Scroll down to the section marked “Privacy”.
  • Click on Blocking.
  • Click on the “Add to block list” option.

Just type in a name, then from the list of contacts that appears to tap the Block option next to the person and that’s it.


This is how to block people on Facebook easily, you can completely get rid of your stalkers or haters with these simple steps.

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