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How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S20 Series to TV Wirelessly

You can now connect Samsung Galaxy S20 series to TV wirelessly same way the galaxy S9 can be connected to Samsung tv.

Samsung Mobile debuted the next generation of their Galaxy S-series flagship lineup recently. The Galaxy S20 series features three smartphones; Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. After reading this article, you’ll be able to connect any of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones to your Smart TV wirelessly.

What is the Screen Mirroring?

In the world of Samsung Mobile, the process of connecting your Samsung phone with the TV is called “Screen Mirroring”, which is also known as “Screen Casting”. This will allow the TV to display/mirror/cast contents seen on your Samsung phone.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S20 Series to Samsung TV wirelessly

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S20 Series to TV Wirelessly

The Samsung Galaxy S20 phone and the Samsung Smart TV can be connected wirelessly via HDMI or Wi-Fi connection. Follow the steps below;

The first step is preparing your Samsung Smart TV. There are two methods you can use to prepare your TV;

Method 1

  • On your TV remote, select “Menu”.
  • Scroll down to the “Network” tab and press the “Select” button on the TV remote.
  • Now scroll down again to where you’ll see “Screen Mirroring” and press the “Select button on the TV remote. This will turn on the Screen Mirroring feature.

Method 2

  • On the TV remote, press the “Source” button.
  • Then scroll to the “Screen Mirroring source” and select it.
  • The Samsung Smart TV will then display a screen with information that says it is waiting for a device to be connected.

Note: You must connect your Samsung Galaxy S20 series phone with the TV within 2 minutes of turning on the “Screen Mirroring” feature or else it will be turned off automatically.

  1. On your Galaxy S20 phone, use two fingers to pull down the extended notification menu. Ensure that the two fingers are held slightly apart.
  2. Then click on “Screen Mirroring”. Allow your phone to scan the TV.
  3. Once scanned, click on the TV you wish to connect with your Galaxy S20 phone. Allow a few seconds for your phone to connect with the TV.
  4. Once it is connected, your Galaxy phone’s screen will now be mirrored/displayed on the TV.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S20 Series to a non-Samsung TV wirelessly

Below is how you can connect the Galaxy S20 series phone with a non-Samsung TV wirelessly;

  • From the top of the Galaxy S20’s screen, pull down to display the “Quick Settings”.
  • Click on “Quick Connect” or “Search phone and scan for nearby devices”.
  • At the bottom of your screen, tap on “Enable Quick Connect”.
  • Select the device you want to connect to from the list of available nearby devices.
  • Once connected, you can now mirror/cast contents from your phone to the TV.

With a successful connection, the TV will be able to show pictures and videos stored on your external device. You will also be able to play music via the TV’s speakers. Gamers can display the game they are playing on their phone to a larger audience via the TV.

It is important to note that you “might” experience a slight lag between actions performed on your phone and the appearance on the TV. If you have any question, drop a comment below.

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