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How To Create And Share Your Book of Memories on Facebook

Book of memories is the collection of your most memorable moments on Facebook which can be created with an app or through a website.

The app or website requires you to login through Facebook and aggregate your most shared moments with your best friends and family on Facebook. Book of memories is somewhat similar to Facebook year in review but it uses your Facebook activity to create your past memories for you. It’s not directly done by Facebook but a website called which also has an app. So you may decide to share with friends on your Timeline or not.

How to create Facebook Book of memories 

  1. Log into Facebook with your email address and password.
  2. Click on a friend’s Book of Memories post
  3. You can click here for a quick access to the Book of memories page
  4. You will be directed to page
  5. Login with your Facebook details to see your Facebook book of memories
  6. After the book of memories has been created for you, you can play the video to see all of your wonderful moment you‘ve shared on Facebook.

Here is what will be written below the video.


Bernard, your life is full of treasurable moments! It’s not always easy but memories like these, remind you, just how beautiful life can be. Not just the unforgettable experiences but also the people by your side have influenced you and turned you into the wonderful person you are today! Share the video with your friends and show them the best parts of your life!

How to Share the Book of Memories on Facebook

After you have created your memories, you can decide to share your Facebook wall so that your friends and loved ones can also share their own.

  • Select the Share on Facebook button located at the bottom or top of Book of Memories.
  • You can also decide to share on Twitter if you like
  • That is on how to share your Book of life memories

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