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How to create and share your Facebook Friends Day video

Like I said during the Facebook yearinreview Video post, Your Facebook Friends Day video is the collections of your own Facebook profile pictures and that of your friends, plus other photos of you and your friends that you have been tagged in and shared on Facebook.


It’s quite similar to the Facebook year in review video and your #FriendsDay video will also be kept secret and only you can view it unless you decide to share it. Who wouldn’t want to share that beautiful moment with friends? Follow me as I unveil how to create and see your Facebook Friends day Video 2017.


You are already anxious you want to see and create your Facebook Friends day Video 2017, there two simple ways you can do this.

  • Firstly, by going to if yours is ready you will see it there and if is not ready yet Facebook will let you know.
  • Secondly,  if you see a friend’s Friends day Video, Click Watch Yours on the one your friend shared. If is ready you will be able to see yours there. You can then decide to share or not. Below is how to share your Facebook Friends Day Video.


  • Go to
  • Click Share Video.
  • Select who you want to share the video with public or selected friends
  • Click on post

You may have been wondering if the Facebook Friends Day Video can be edited. You can actually edit it before sharing it.

How to edit Facebook Friends Day Video 2017

  1. Go to
  2. Click Edit Video and choose the photos you want to appear in your video.
  3. You may decide to add new pictures from your computer or from the ones you have uploaded on Facebook before.
  4. After that, then Click Share when you’ve made all of your changes.
  5. Select who you want to share with
  6. Finally Click on Post

That is it guys, our quick tutorial on how to see and create Facebook Friends Day Video 2017. If you have followed all these guides above and still can’t find your #FriendsDay Video, I am afraid you might not have been so active on Facebook for this year.

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