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How to Download and Install Fortnite On Your Android Phone

Here is how you can download and install Fortnite on Android devices. Epic games have come to stay and the games are getting more compatible with Android. It is interesting to hear that mobile ports now offer the full gaming experience and with the success recorded by the Battle Royale game on the iOS playstore. Android users can expect the same mobile experience too.

Fortnite Mobile Apk + Obb Data

Fortnite for Mobile was announced for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but non-Samsung users can now install the game on their devices. This article provides the guide on how to download and install Fortnite on Android device.

Steps To Download and Install Fortnite On Android

First Step: Check The Compatibility Of Your Device For Fortnite

There are early reports that Fortnite game will be exclusive to Samsung devices but according to EPIC Games, Non-Samsung devices are now supported. Kindly check whether your device is compatible or not. Devices that can install Fortnite include:

  • S8, S8+, S7 Edge, S7, S9+, S9,
  • Tab S3, Note 8, Tab S4 and so on
  • Huawei, LG, OnePlus and ASUS.

Second Step: Use the Epic website for installation

The company making Epic Games clearly said that users should avoid third parties and use their own website. Do not go to Play Store and some other websites. This game is not even available on Play Store and the Epic website is the only method of getting it.

Why Can’t I Download Fortnite on Playstore?

One of the reasons why Epic Games avoid Play Store is the 30% fee Google requires for placing the game on their platform. There are confirmations from an interview that those who develop applications and place them cover a significant cost. This cost is 70% cost that contains both the developing, operating and supporting cost.

Get download to Fortnite game on your device, head over to Epic games website and download the installer. This installs the game on your Android and it is advisable not to delete the installer after installation and ensure you are keeping it right on your phone. Note that the same game that you are playing on your PC or Mac is on Android.

Third Step: Sign up for the email listĀ 

A waiting list exists and it is possible you don’t get this game unless you sign up for the email listing. You can do this right from your Android device and Epic can only request for your email address.

Fourth Step: Obtain your email invitation for your Fortnite

Invitation from Epic does not take much time. Epic says the method takes some days and then you can proceed with the installation.

Fifth Step: Installation of Fortnite

There are two phases for downloading this game and then you can proceed and play. However, you will obtain an application with the name Fortnite Installer and the file is APK. It is this file that installsĀ the game and ensures you are installing from the right source.

You will have to swift on Unknown sources and this is within your Android settings. Doing this lets you download apps from third party. You can proceed once you finish this installation and you then log out and begin playing your game. The company tells gamers to have Fortnite installer inside their device and this lets the game obtain their updates on time.


Epic games which were formerly PC games are now available for Android and you can download and install it. This article has detailed how you can download and Install Fortnite on Android. Don’t forget to check if your device is supported before proceeding to download the game and you can share your opinions with us.

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