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How To Download And Use Skye Bank Mobile App

This post contains step by step guide on how to download and use Skye Bank mobile app for all your banking transactions, such as how to transfer money, how to recharge your phone, etc. 

Skye Bank which has now became Polaris Bank is a very popular bank in Nigeria and like every other bank, they have an Internet banking platform as well. With Skye Bank Mobile App, you can perform lots of transactions on your account from the comfort of your home.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to download the Skye Bank App and how to register and log in. I will also show you what you can do with the Skye Bank Mobile App.

Without further ado, let’s first talk about how to download the Skye Bank Mobile App.

How To Download Skye Bank Mobile App

Polaris Mobile App

Downloading the Skye Bank App is very easy and hassle. The app is available on the play store and Apple app store.

After the acquisition of Skye Bank by Polaris Bank, all your banking transactions as an existing Skye Bank customer will now be handled by Polaris Bank.

  1. To download the Skye Bank app, now Polaris mobile
  2. Go to the Google Play store, search for Polaris Mobile banking
  3. Click on the install button to install it right away on your phone
  4. Blackberry, Windows, and iPhone users can simply search “Polaris mobile” on their respective App Store.

How To Register on Skye Bank Mobile App

After downloading the app and installing it.  You will need to register before you can start to use the app and enjoy all the features.

If you have an active Internet banking account with Skye bank, you don’t need to register, just simply log in to your account.

Non-active users must register by following these simple steps.

  • Insert your phone number, email address, account name, and preferred password choice in their respective fields.
  • You will be sent an SMS containing a four-digit pin to activate your account.
  • Input the pin and activate your account.

How To Login To Skye Bank Mobile App

Launch the app and simply input your registered phone number and password.

How To Use Skye Bank Mobile App

After login in, you can explore the app and get used to the features.

  1. You can transfer funds by clicking on the “Transfer” option and inputting the beneficiary details.
  2. To buy airtime on the app, click on the “Airtime” option to top up.
  3. Your balance is always visible when you log in, so no specific option to check.
  4. To check your monthly bank account statement, click on the “Statement” option.
  5. To pay for bills like electricity, water, DStv, GOtv and others click on the “Bills” option.
  6. You can as well search for the nearest Skye Bank ATM points and branches all from the app.
  7. Have a date night? Easily buy movie tickets as well from the Skye Bank Mobile App.

For other inquiries, you can contact the Skye bank customer care representatives.


If you have any other questions about the Skye Bank App, you can visit their closest branch and talk to their customer care representatives.

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Joseph Young
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