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How to Hide WhatsApp Pictures from Gallery on Android

In this article, we will be showing you how to hide WhatsApp pictures from gallery on Android with WhatsApp Beta. WhatsApp is obviously the most used instant messaging platform in the world right now. It’s very easy to use with just your mobile number, you don’t need to go through the stress of creating a random ID and password.

However, the app isn’t all that perfect, its simplicity might have added a few downsides. The app has lots of problems that you need to fix manually, especially when you open your gallery and see photos from WhatsApp that you don’t want on your gallery. The way WhatsApp handles Media files can also be annoying.

Someone might send you a sensitive photo on the app and after viewing it, the image suddenly appears in your gallery without your knowledge. Most times the photos or videos might be too sensitive and you might not want them in your gallery but they appear there either way.

Even though WhatsApp message method has its own advantages but the saving of images before you download them might not look so cool. Compared to other messenger apps, WhatsApp gets so personal with us, it’s almost scary. Without further ado, let’s learn how to hide WhatsApp pictures from gallery on Android with WhatsApp Beta.

How to Prevent WhatsApp Pictures from being Downloaded to Your Phone

WhatsApp media automatically downloads to your gallery. There’s a way you can hide the media from your gallery, you can simply turn off automatic media download by following the steps below.

• Open WhatsApp.

• Go to Settings.

• Click on “Data & storage usage”.

• Go to “Storage usage”.

• Once you’re there, you can click on the contact and “manage messages”.

However, if you don’t want the images and videos to appear in your gallery after viewing them then you need to follow the next steps below. A lot of features were introduced in the WhatsApp beta program before making it to the stable version. You can join the WhatsApp Beta program by clicking Here.

After joining the program you will see a WhatsApp update on your phone almost immediately. Although it might take a few minutes to a few hours for the update to appear. You’ll still continue to receive updates through the Play Store for the beta version. You can also switch to the stable version by leaving the program and re-installing WhatsApp from the Play Store.

How to Hide WhatsApp Pictures For Chats

After installing the WhatsApp Beta program, you can now hide WhatsApp pictures from your gallery by following the steps below.

• Launch app.

• Go to “Settings”

• Go to “Chats”.

• You would see the option to “show media in Gallery”

• You can turn it off from there.

Hide WhatsApp Pictures For Specific Chats

To hide WhatsApp pictures from specific chats simply, simply follow the steps below.

• On the chat screen

• Tap and hold on the contact chat

• Click on the three dots

• You’ll find the Media visibility option

• You can turn it off.


This is how to hide WhatsApp media from gallery on Android with WhatsApp Beta. Did it work for you, let us know below.

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