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How to Install iOS 12 Public Beta

See how to install iOS 12 beta on your iOS device easily without a glitch. Even though iOS 12 is currently in beta, there’s a way you can try it out now on your iPhone or iPad. The new iOS 12 will bring amazing new features to your iOS device, in this post, we will be showing you how to get it easily.

Before we go any further, we recommend you back up your iPhone or iPad just in case anything goes wrong. You can also downgrade back to iOS 11 or wait it out till your device receive the official update from Apple. But if you insist on getting it now, you need to know the devices that support it, before you install iOS 12. See below.

Devices that support iOS 12

Below are Apple devices that can run this iOS 12 beta mode. Make sure you’re using any of the devices below and you’re on the latest iOS version for your device.

• iPhone X
• iPhone 8
• iPhone 8 Plus
• iPhone 7
• iPhone 7 Plus
• iPhone 6s
• iPhone 6s Plus
• iPhone 6
• iPhone 6 Plus
• iPhone SE
• iPhone 5s
• iPad Pro 12.9-inch (first and second gen)
• iPad Pro 10.5-inch
• iPad Pro 9.7-inch
• iPad Air 2
• iPad Air
• iPad (2017)
• iPad mini 4
• iPad mini 3
• iPad mini 2
• iPod Touch 6th gen

Devices that don’t support iOS 12

The devices below can’t install iOS 12.

• Original iPhone
• iPhone 3G
• iPhone 3GS
• iPhone 4
• iPhone 4S
• iPhone 5
• iPhone 5c
• Original iPod touch
• iPod touch 2nd-gen
• iPod touch 3rd-gen
• iPod touch 4th-gen
• iPod touch 5th-gen
• Original iPad. iPad 2
• iPad 3
• iPad 4

How to Install iOS 12

The Public Beta of iOS 12 is now available, and it’s completely free to try, although it’s still in beta, so there might be a few bugs here and there. Before you do anything, make a full backup of your device, make sure everything is saved, this is important. You can now proceed and continue with the rest.

Step 1: Update apps: Make sure all your apps are updated before you install iOS 12. Also, sign out of banking apps, or check with your bank if you need to do anything before upgrading.

Step 2: Free up storage: Of course, you need enough storage to get the new iOS 12. To check how much storage you have, simply navigate to Settings > General > Usage, you will see the apps using up your phone or tablet’s storage. You can move all that to PC and back up photos and videos using iCloud Photo Library.

How to Install iOS 12 Public Beta

Step 3: Enrol device: To gain access to iOS 12, you need to enrol your device, to do that go to and enter your Apple ID. You can enrol your device by installing a ‘profile’ on it from the same website, so go to the same site on your device using the Safari web browser, but browse to this exact page

However, if you’re on the Public Beta for a previous version of iOS, you’ll need to go to Settings > General > Profile and remove the profile before you can install the new profile for iOS 12. When the iOS 12 profile is installed, go to Settings > General > Software update and you should see that iOS 12 is ready to download.


This is how to install iOS 12, the final version of iOS 12 will be released in September 2018. If you can’t wait it out, you can try the beta mode.

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