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How To Make Payments on Apple Pay With Face ID on iPhone X, Xs & Sx Max

Nothing like having a seamless, secure and stress-free transaction online when using an iPhone. However, when it comes to iPhone X, it can be pretty dodgy and complicated. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone X is a great smartphone, with a nice feel and brings to you Apple’s latest features. It is definitely worth the tons of cash you splashed on it. However, you did not realize Apple had tweaked and tinkered some of its software, especially when using Apple Pay.

iPhone X predecessors have a Touch ID home button you can use to confirm your payments online. But it has completely been trimmed out of the iPhone X. And the Californian software giant switched that for Face ID. Incredulous!

It’s completely unimaginable why they would cut that out. What happened to use Touch technology? It worked okay! Checking out was fluid. Nonetheless, we still got you covered. Using Apple Pay with Face ID on your iPhone X isn’t too much different from using Touch ID on its predecessors.

Using Apple Pay on older versions before the iPhone X, you need both the home button and Touch ID. But these are absent in the iPhone X. So, how then do you make your purchases online with your new iPhone X? It’s simple and easy. Below, is how you can do it.

How to use Apple Pay on iPhone X

To get started ensure you have set up Face ID on your iPhone. You can check our guide on how to use face ID on iPhone.

Unless you haven’t set up Apple Pay on your new iPhone X, then you already have a credit card in your Apple Pay wallet. But, if that’s not the case, adding your credit card(s) to Apple Pay is not all that hard.

To do this on your iPhone X,

  • Launch your Settings app. Swipe down to Passbook & Apple Pay. And then, in the Transaction default area, tap on Default Card. Select the card option(s) you’d like to use, and you’re good to go. You can add different debit or credit cards.
  • To use Apple Pay online, the online store must accept Apple Pay. After buying your items, and you’re ready to check out, press the button at the right side of your iPhone X twice. Yes, the one that acts as your sleep/wake button.
  • This automatically brings up the Apple Pay Card and authenticate with Face ID. Here, you have to look into the iPhone X. This allows the Face ID on iPhone X to see and authenticate your transaction.
  • If successful, a smiley icon will appear on your iPhone X screen, letting you know your face has been recognized. Now, you can go ahead and tap on the payment terminal to finally confirm your payment.

However, should you decide not to use the default debit or credit card on your Apple Pay, you can toggle the options you want. You should do this before clicking on pay, after authenticating using Face ID. In all, Face ID is not a feature that’s hard to understand. You can check the guide here for more.

It might take some time getting used to, but as you regularly use your iPhone X, you will gradually become accustomed to the whole process.

Face ID is an amazing technology and with it on the iPhone X, it is likely to be the way payments will be done in the future should Apple continue with the new software on its newer iPhone models.

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