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How To Play Facebook Messenger Games on Phone and Laptop

Facebook Messenger games has started rolling out internationally and here you will learn how to play Facebook Messenger games on phone and laptop. Facebook messenger games enable players to show their gaming skills against online friends across the globe.

We have earlier written about Facebook gameroom games and how you can play them. Facebook messenger has been undergoing some forms of overhaul lately from support for payment platform to Messenger, the social messaging app is no doubt a force to be reckoned with considering the huge numbers of users on the platform.

How To Play Facebook Messenger games on Phone

Facebook messenger games are available on desktop as well as on mobile devices. To play on your mobile phone follow the steps below

  1. Open the Messenger app. Ensure it’s the latest version if not you can always update to recent version.
  2. Start a new conversation and click on the game controller icon, this can be found immediately you open a new chat.
  3. When you Tap on the game controller icon, you will find many games there.
  4. Select the game you want to play and start playing Facebook Messenger games.

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How To Play Facebook Messenger games On Desktop

  1. Log into your Facebook account through a browser.
  2. Open or start a conversation in Messenger to locate the game controller icon
  3. Click on the game controller icon to see the list of game.
  4. Select your games of choice and start playing Facebook messengers games.

Top Best Games on Facebook Messenger

  • Templar 2048 (puzzle game)
  • Brick Pop (puzzle game)
  • Bust-A-Move Blitz (puzzle game)
  • Space Invaders (puzzle game)
  • Shuffle Cats Mini (action game)
  • The Tribez: Puzzle Rush (puzzle game)
  • TRACK & FIELD 100m (sports game)
  • Galaga (action game)
  • Endless Lake (platformer)
  • EverWing (action game)
  • Hex FRVR (puzzle game)
  • Arkanoid (action game)
  • Words with Friends: Frenzy (puzzle game)
  • 2020 Connect (puzzle game)
  • PAC-MAN (action game)
  • Wordalot Express (triva and word game)
  • Zookeeper (puzzle game)

Have you played Facebook Messenger games before? Let’s hear how the gaming experience was.

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