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How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Overheating

In this article, we will be talking about how to prevent your smartphone from overheating. With the steps listed below, your smartphone should stop overheating in minutes. With users loving the new huge battery and fast-charging technology trend, smartphone overheating has gotten rampant with these new technologies.

Some smartphones these days get hot once you start browsing the internet or performing heavy tasks. There are lots of things that cause your smartphone to overheat out of the blue and drains your battery. Overheating can also melt your Central Processing Unit (CPU) and force your phone to shut down. Without further ado, these are the tips to prevent your smartphone from overheating.

1. Remove the Case

Ideally, I don’t use a case on any of my smartphones because of overheating issues especially with 4G and streaming movies online. These cases usually cover the phone’s vent, blocking air and making the phone overheat. So you’re advised to remove the case to avoid overheating.

2. Avoid Charging While Playing Games

I can’t stress this enough, overcharging or charging while playing games will make the device overheat or start overheating with time. Even though new smartphones have electrical charging circuits that prevent the device from overcharging when fully charged, it still not safe altogether, especially when playing games.

3. Place the Phone on a Surface

Avoid placing your smartphone on a bed, rug or sofa especially while charging. It makes them soak up heat thereby causing overheating. Even when you’re not charging it, try placing it on a smooth hard surface like a wooden table or a tiled floor. This keeps the device chilled and allows air to flow in and out.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight To Your Phone

Wherever you’re out and about, avoiding operating your smartphone under the sun. Especially smartphones with a Metal or Plastic back, direct sunlight might cause the phone to overheat and this will definitely drain your battery. To prevent your smartphone from overheating, only use under a shade.

5. Turn Off Data and Unused Apps On Your Phone

Try turning off the data and unused apps on your phone whenever you’re not using them. So before you drop the phone on a surface or putting it in your purse or pocket, turning off data and all the standby apps will help prevent your smartphone from overheating.

6. Stop Using Third-Party Chargers and Batteries

Make sure the charger you’re using to charge the device was made by the company and not a third-party charger from the roadside. This can be responsible for heating up smartphones. Always make sure you’re using the company’s charger to charge the device.


These are the steps to prevent your smartphone from overheating. Doing all these should help in cooling your device and improve battery life. If there are other tips you want to share, please let us know below.

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Joseph Young
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