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How to Save iPhone Text Messages and iMessages

Are you looking for a way to save an iPhone text message? You might need to document and preserve a couple of messages you received on your iPhone for reference later. Whatever your reason might be, you can save iPhone messages, iMessages, SMS/text messages, media messages including videos and pictures or other documents sent via your Messages app on the iPhone.

There are several methods to save iPhone messages & text messages. But in this article, we will be looking at one of the approaches — how to directly save messages on the iPhone itself. Other methods involve the use of a computer and third-party software for reading and saving iPhone messages to export them as TXT, PDF (portable document format), or a spreadsheet file.

First, you need to bear in mind that no official method exists for saving or exporting an iPhone message conversation, an iPhone text message, or similar things. There isn’t presently a method on the iPhone which can be simply be used for printing out all iPhone messages, received from a sender or within a conversation in a Messages app.

Saving iPhone Messages Directly in iOS

The method we will show you here to save iPhone Messages can be carried out completely on your iPhone. While it’s a tad tedious, it could be regarded, arguably, as the most official technique to save and capture iPhone messages in a format, which can be saved and shared with ease. Essentially you’ll browse through those messages you intend to save and depend on screenshots for preserving and documenting the messages just the way they appear on screen.

These are the steps to take for this iPhone message-saving procedure:

  1. Start by launching your Messages app on the iPhone
  2. Then, open the specific Message conversation or the particular text message you want to save so that it‘s active on your screen, and pull down briefly if you intend revealing a full screen of messages and hiding your keyboard
  3. Take a screenshot of the iPhone message screen by taking the following steps:
  • Taking screenshot on iPhone X and those models with no Home button: Concurrently press your Power or Lock button, along with Volume Up button to capture a screenshot
  • Taking screenshot on iPhone models that feature Home button: Concurrently press your Power or Lock button, along with Home button to capture a screenshot
  1. If there are additional messages to save, repeat the steps above or keep on scrolling to continue saving and documenting messages from that same message thread on your iPhone
  2. When you are done with capturing pictures of the messages, head back to the Home Screen and launch your Photos app and proceed to “Camera Roll” (or Screenshots album)
  3. Search for the screenshots of your saved messages at the bottom of the latest Camera Roll picture; choose them and hit the “Sharing” button (which appears like a box with an arrow that is flying out of the top) so as to share your messages, save those images to iCloud, send them as an email or in other formats, and so on

If you have tons of messages to save using this method, the whole process will take some time, so you need to be patient and maintain a good routine of pressing your buttons for capturing screenshots to snap, as well as save, all screenfuls of messages on your iPhone. This technique could be laborious, as stated earlier, but it may also be the only approach for saving iPhone messages, seen as official or reliable.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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