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Airtel Data Share: How To Share Airtel Data to other airtel lines

Just like every other telecommunications company in Nigeria, Airtel also has its data share feature that allows Airtel users to transfer their data to other Airtel users. They’ve also gone a step further by creating a name for their data sharing platform which is called “SmartShare” and it consists of two different types of data sharing they have right now namely Me2u and Gifting.

Me2u simply allows Airtel users to share their existing data bundle or plan which they’ve already purchased for themselves with other Airtel users, just like transferring airtime – the specified data amount gets removed from your available data balance and send to the provided Airtel phone number.

How to share Airtel data

As for Gifting, that involves buying/purchasing a data bundle for an Airtel user, probably a friend or family member. This is usually ideal for when you don’t want to cut down your existing data balance but still want someone to browse the internet.

Both data sharing methods are good for different scenarios you might find yourself in which is why we will be showing you how to go about the methods here so you can choose if you want to send data from your existing data bundle or just buy a new data bundle for a friend or family. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get right down to it.

Airtel Data Share: How To Share Airtel Data

You can transfer different sizes of data which will depend on how much you have to spare.

  1. To transfer 10MB to a friend or family, simply dial Dial *141*712*11*Phone Number# and confirm by inputting 1 when prompted. For example, dial Dial *141*712*11*08026346733# then type in 1 then Ok.
  2. To transfer 25MB to a friend or family, simply dial *141*712*9*Phone Number# and again, confirm by pressing 1 then Ok. For example, dial *141*712*9* 08026346733# then type in 1 then Ok.
  3. To Transfer 60MB to a friend or family, simply dial *141*712*4*Phone Number# then press 1 to confirm. For example, dial *141*712*4* 08026346733# then type 1 and then Ok.

Alternatively, you can also dial *141#, Select option 5 which is the SmartShare option then Click choose option 3 which is Me2u, enter the data volume you wish to transfer, and confirm it to transfer the specified data. You should also note that using the Me2u option on Airtel attracts a fee of either N100 or 10MB.

As for Data Gifting, it is pretty easy. All you have to do is dial *141# and Select the SmartShare Option then choose the Data Gifting option which is number 2. Now, Choose a bundle you would like to buy for your friend or family member, provide a phone number and then confirm the transaction. You can gift any type of data you want like daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, and more.

Also, you need to note that the data gifting is set on auto-renewal, so once you do it once, it will automatically do it again at the end of the data. Let’s say you gift a weekly plan, at the end of the week, it will automatically gift the user another weekly plan. To Stop this, simply text “Stop” to 141 and that will cancel the auto-renewal.

Have questions about Airtel data share, or SmartShare as they call it? Use the comment section down below to pass them across so we can help in any way we can.

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