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How to Stop Apps Running in the Background in Android P 9.0

This is how to stop apps running in the background in Android P 9.0. Apps running in the background can drain your battery, RAM and mobile data. You don’t want that, this is why you should stop apps running in the background or at least try to limit them. At first, you may not think this is a problem, but your device might start performing tasks slowly over time.

If you are a heavy user as well and you’re always on the road, you may want to save your battery. Apps running in the background can drain your battery within minutes, especially on high-end flagship smartphones. On the new Android operating system the Android P 9.0, you can also stop apps running in the background for the safety of your device.

When you exit an app, you may think that the app has stopped running in the background, but that’s now what it is because the app will automatically be active in the background in case you reopen it. They will be active in the background for as long as possible and consume a lot of battery. Over time, this might really affect the performance of your device and the overall usage.

So, you are advised to always check apps running in the background at all times. Just follow the steps below to find out apps that consume battery, RAM and your mobile data on the new Android P 9.0.

How to Restrict Background Running Apps in Android P 9.0

• Go to the settings app.

• Tap on Battery.

• Click on the three vertical dots from the upper right corner.

• Select “Advanced battery usage”.

• All apps draining battery will be available for you to see. Click on the app that consumes the most battery.

You’ll see the “Background Restriction” button under the Manage battery usage

• Click on “Background Restriction”.

You’ll receive a notification telling you that once you restrict app, it may not work properly or the notifications may be delayed.

• If you agree, tap on “Restrict”.

Once you do that, that app would no longer run in the background or drain up your battery. This will definitely improve your battery and the overall performance of your device. You can do this to all the apps you want to stop running in the background. Want to remove the restriction at a later time? No problem, just go back to Background restriction and then tap on “Remove”. To see all your restricted apps, go to “Settings”, click on “Battery”, select “Adaptive Battery”, then “Restricted Apps”.

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