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How to use Face Unlock on any Android smartphone

The essence of this post is to show you how to use Face Unlock on any Android smartphone. Since Apple unveiled its new FaceID, the new development has generated more buzz on social and mainstream media outlets. It has been touted by many tech enthusiasts as one of the biggest trends in the industry would experience, although it has been on Android smartphones for several years now.

The Face Unlock is much more about style than functionality.  And with Apple leading the way in this new technological advancement, expect more in the coming days.

How to use Face Unlock on Any Android

With the customizable nature of Android, you too can be a party to this. You can do this with an app from IObit Applock. It adds a Face Unlock option to your Android smartphone.

How to use Face Unlock on Any Android Smartphone

To get it, go to Google Play store, download and install it, open and once you are done, you would be reminded to set a pattern or pin.

 Face Unlock on Any Android

So, here are the steps to continue:

  • Set the pattern, to let the app take you to a new window. This helps you find the apps that you can lock, like as Whatsapp, Instagram, gallery.
  • For Android version above 5.0, enable Usage Access. The app will automatically take you to the Settings page.
  • Then, enable the toggle to continue using the app.
  • On the top left, right next to the name of the app, there are three horizontal lines.
  • Tap on those and a window slides into view. This will pop up many options, like Face Lock, Fake lock, Delay lock.
  • Select Face Lock.
  • For IObit, you require an extra database to use the Face unlock feature, thus, tap on ‘Face Lock’. A download will start.
  • This loads the AI required to analyze your face.
  • When this is done, it scans and stores your face in its database.
  • Thus, tap on it to start scanning.
  • Once the process is completed and the app knows your face, select the apps to apply the Face Lock feature.
  • Select the apps you want to be protected. They normally have an open padlock as an icon. Tap to activate the lock.
  • Having done that, you’ve successfully enabled the unlock feature.
  • However, to test it, open an app that you’ve locked, and point the camera in the right direction.

If it has read your face correctly, the app will be unlocked.

There you have it guys, the tutorial on how to use Face Unlock on any Android smartphone. Note that this is a third party app and one cannot tell if Google would incorporate the feature. So, enjoy the app while it lasts!

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