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How To Use PaywithCapture to Pay for Good and Services

How to use Paywithcaptute to pay for goods. If you had wanted to do transactions without the hassle of carrying your ATM cards around every time, one mobile banking app is here to the rescue. It’s called PaywithCaptute. 

PaywithCaptute is a mobile payment app that enables one to pay for goods and services through a scanning QR code system. This is made possible by first linking your card to the app.

PaywithCaptute works offline meaning you don’t have to have Internet before you can use PaywithCaptute to pay for goods and services. The app supports any bank’s card such as Master, Visa or Verve, Access Bank account, and your mobile wallets. PayWithCapture can be used by any phone with a camera and it is available on android, IOS, and blackberry for download.

How To Use PaywithCaptute To Pay For Goods and Services 

 Before you can use PaywithCaptute to do transactions, you have to download the app from Google Playstore, Apple Store or Blackberry world and then create an account. Below is how to register on PaywithCaptute. Don’t Miss: How to transfer money from one bank account to another in Nigeria through your Mobile Phones


  • You should first of all download the application from the appropriate stores to your phone.
  • Then you install the application.
  •  There is a sign in and sign up upon opening the application,
  •  Click on sign up to register.
  • You will be required to enter a 5 digits code that you will use when making a transaction with PayWithCapture.
  • You can also visit any branch of Access bank close to you to register with PayWithCapture.
  • To log in to PayWithCapture, you should enter the phone number you registered with and the 5 digits number you provided.


  1. It is easy to make payment using PayWithCapture by following the steps below
  2. Firstly, Launch the PayWIthCapture application
  3. Click on “scan to pay”
  4. Scan the QR code to make payment.
  5. Finally ensure you confirm the transaction amount as you complete the transaction by providing your 5 digits pin.
  6. Your account will be deducted as the transaction is completed on your account.
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