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How to Watch Amazon Prime Videos in Nigeria

Amazon Prime recently launched its streaming service in Nigeria. The big tech brand is trying to push into a new market as they bid to rival Netflix when it comes to movie streaming services. They will also push the promotion of locally made Nigerian content on their platform. Well, here is how to watch amazon prime video in Nigeria.

The video streaming service is available in more than 200 countries and it was high time they explored Nigeria. Nollywood as the Nigerian movie industry is called is the third largest movie industry in the world. It is only behind Hollywood and Bollywood in terms of revenue. Nigerians can stream over twenty thousand shows and movies available on Amazon Prime and the service is going to cost ₦2,300 per month.

You can subscribe to the service using your local currency, and there is no need for using a VPN to stream in Nigeria. The first Nigerian show on the platform is Gangs of Lagos. Let’s guide you on how you can watch content on Amazon Prime anywhere in Nigeria.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video in Nigeria

If you watch to watch Amazon prime content in Nigeria, you have to be a member. The amount you pay monthly is just ₦2,300 ($4) to have access to a large catalog of movies and shows. One thing I love about amazon prime is that you can watch 4K videos at no extra cost. If you have the latest smart TVs that support 4K then you will be immersed in the quality. We are going to guide you on how to watch with your TV, smartphone, or Tablet.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on TV

If you have a smart TV then you have to download the Amazon Prime app in your TVs apps store. You can always head to the support page to find out if your TV has the required features to access Prime Video services. If your TV doesn’t support internet services you can also buy Amazon Fire TV sticks it is used to stream Prime Videos on older televisions.

The Fire TV Sticks come in two models 1080 or 4K. They look the same, but they have different chipsets powering them. If you want the Fire Stick to work effectively, you need external power, HDMI, and Wi-Fi. It is also important to have the latest version of HDMI cable so you can stream 4K contents.

How to Watch on a Smartphone

Amazon Prime streaming service work on both IOS and Android devices. Head straight to the App store or Google play store on your respective device and download the Amazon Prime Video App. Open it and log in with your paid Amazon account.

You will immediately have access to thousands of movies and shows. Depending on the resolution of your phone that is how the quality of the video will appear. You can watch with the highest resolution available on your phone. The interface on mobile is friendly, and you can also search for any movie you are looking for.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Videos in Nigeria (Online and Offline)

You have access to watch videos on Amazon prime using your laptop through Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser on your laptop. To watch you just have to visit the website, log in with your details and you can start streaming high-quality video immediately.

You can conveniently stream movies on your laptop while you’re on a trip around Nigeria or during break time at work or school using free Wi-Fi. Amazon Prime also has a download option where you can download movies and shows and watch them later without an internet connection. You can download movies and save them in your library that way.

Rounding Up

Amazon Prime Videos has a great collection of movies, and if you are a movie freak then for ₦2300 a month you can watch lots of movies. You also have the option to watch with various devices. If you love Nigerian movies then stay tuned because they are going to add more Nigerian content on the platform starting with the gangs of Lagos. Hopefully, this is going to be helpful and if you have any questions please ask them in the comment section below.

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