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What makes the new Infinix Smart 2 Pro special?

After several reviews by different tech bloggers, most of you should already have an idea of all there is to know about the new Infinix Smart 2 Pro at this point. They would have spoken about the phone’s exemplary design, its top-level specs that few can come close to matching, its addition of some amazing top-of-the-line specs, and of course, its unbelievably affordable price tag.

But maybe you didn’t want to read through the thousand words they put together in their reviews or maybe you just want the highlights broken out into the simplest of forms to help you decide if the device is worth having. Well, here you go, you can thank me when you’re done reading.

Best camera experience

Even though the Infinix Smart 2 Pro has a beautiful and premium design with incredible performance and decent battery life, I can’t help but think that one of the best features is its incredibly bright camera. On the Smart 2 Pro, Infinix Improved on the camera resolution massively kills the competition in low light, and is simple to launch, yet still has the full manual and automatic controls which is more than you would expect from an entry-level smartphone.

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The Smart 2 Pro flaunts an 8MP low light selfie and dual rare cameras (13MP+2MP) with dual flash. The wide aperture enables more light to pass through the camera lens, thereby making selfie pictures clear even in low light conditions. Also, not forgetting the various pre-installed camera effects and modes such as the Bokeh effect, Portrait mode and many more that give varieties to representing images captured through the device in its best form.

Unconventional Smartphone Specs

Some new features that make the Smart 2 Pro stand out from a regular smartphone include an advanced security facial ID feature.

Inside the Smart 2 Pro is the new Google android 8.1 edition which will allow users to enjoy a much speedy internet usage on a little data consumption and the phone is as fast as fast can be.

Infinix Smart 2 Review

The Smart 2 Pro also comes with a 5.5-inch screen size, 18:9 Infinity display screen aspect ratio that projects HD+ imagery and dual sim 4G LTE connectivity. The Smart 2 Pro has another variant called Smart 2 which is available in colour variants such as Sandstone Black, Serene Gold, City Blue and Bordeaux Red giving the device an overall classy outlook.

The Infinix Smart 2 Pro sure deserves some accolades as, despite all the amazing specifications that it comprises of, it still sells at an amazing available retail price which is more than a good price, this is a steal! I advise you to get your copy before it runs out of stock.

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