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Infinix unveiled Note 40 series in Nigeria in partnership with Showmax

Infinix has unveiled its Note 40 Series into the Nigerian Market in partnership with Showmax. The event which was held at the glamorous Marriot Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos witnessed Media professionals, dealers and influencers from all walks of life. According to Infinix, the device is available in two variants-the Note 40 and the Note 40 Pro. The Infinix Note 40 Pro is powered by the MediaTek Helio G99, 12GB actual and 12GB virtual RAM. It comes with a faster wired charging at 70W, plus a 20W MagKit charging. This is with a 5,000mAh battery.

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Infinix is partnering with Showmax to offer a discounted subscription package alongside the Note 40 series. This collaboration aims to enhance the entertainment aspect for users, making the purchase of an Infinix phone even more enticing.

The Note 40 introduces groundbreaking charging technology, featuring a multi-tab structure battery and three parallel fast-charging chips, culminating in upto 100W wired charging capability. This innovation ensures stable high-speed charging, keeping users powered up throughout the day. The inclusion of the MagCase, MagPad, and MagPower further enhances the charging experience by providing an efficient power supply with a simple snap, complemented by wireless charging capabilities for added convenience.

At the heart of the Note 40 lies the self-developed Cheetah X1 chip, boasting advanced Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging to significantly enhance processing efficiency. This chip enables variable speed fast charging, catering to users’ needs whether they require a quick top-up in hyper mode or optimal temperature management in low-temp mode.

The Infinix Note 40 offers a plethora of impressive features, especially in the realm of charging technology and overall performance. Let’s break down some key points:

Industry-Leading Charging Technology: The Note 40 Pro boasts a 10W wired reverse charging controller, enabling fast and accurate reverse-wired charging in both directions. Bypass charging is also a notable feature, directing power to the mainboard during demanding tasks like gaming or video playback, thus reducing temperature rise and enhancing the user experience.

AI Night Charging: This feature adjusts power based on user habits, preventing overcharging during nighttime usage and ensuring that devices are fully charged before users wake up. This not only prolongs battery life but also adds convenience for users.

Safety Measures: With 63 safety measures and multi-protocol fast charging capabilities, the Note 40 Pro ensures charging safety even in adverse environments, providing users with peace of mind.

Impressive Specifications: The device comes with a 5000mAh battery, Active Halo Design, 120Hz AMOLED Ultra-Smooth Eye-Care Display, and Corning Gorilla Glass GG5 protection. These specifications contribute to an enhanced user experience, offering durability, smooth display performance, and extended battery life.

Advanced Features: The Note 40 Pro incorporates the XBOOST Gaming Engine for optimized gaming performance, Sound by JBL for immersive audio, and a 108MP OIS Super-Zoom Camera for clear and shake-free photo shots. These features cater to various user needs, from gaming enthusiasts to photography aficionados.

Availability and Pricing: The Note 40 series is available in two variants: the Note 40 Pro and the Note 40, offering users flexible payment options through the EasyBuy platform. The pricing for these models makes them accessible to a wide range of users, considering the advanced features they offer.

In terms of pricing, the device is priced at N396,900 for the 256+8GB model, and the Note 40, priced at N327,900 for the 256+8GB model.

With its unique technology, innovative features, and partnership with Showmax, the Infinix Note 40 series is here to give users an exceptional mobile experience like never before.

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