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iPhone black screen of Death, Causes and How to fix it

If you’ve been using an iPhone for a while then chances are, you’ve experienced the infamous iPhone black screen of death. Now, the black screen of deaths can be as a result of a whole lot of different reasons and in this guide, we will be taking a look at every possible cause while also providing a solution for each of those causes.

iPhone black screen of Death Causes and How to Fix them

Battery Issue

The is probably annoying for you to hear but half of the iPhone black screen of death issue people experience on their iPhones is most often battery related. Battery issues can lead to the phone not turning thereby causing what looks like the black screen of death.

iPhone black screen of Death

To rule this out as a possible cause for the black screen, you’ll need to charge your phone by plugging in your iPhone using your cable and let it charge for a while. If it starts charging then you probably just had a flat battery. Once it boots up, you can check the battery health through the settings app to make sure your battery is still okay or needs a replacement. If it doesn’t start charging when you Plug it in then you then you know the problem isn’t the battery.

Screen Is Broken

There is a high chance that your device display is broken if it’s black. Especially if it has red or green lines on it then that is a sure sign that the display is broken and needs to be replaced to fix the black screen of deaths you’re experiencing. The display might also be damaged without the lines on the display so if you’ve recently dropped your device then that might also be the cause. However, if you don’t see any lines on the display then you might need to try out other solutions listed below before thinking about replacing the screen.

Force Restart Your iPhone

If you’re able to get turn on your phone, get messages, calls and the rest but still experiencing the black screen of deaths then you’ll need reboot or force restart your device. A black screen while an iPhone is turned on can be as a result of a crashed or frozen OS and to fix that, you’ll need to perform a forced restart on your iPhone. Doing this is different depending on the iPhone you’re using.

  1. ¬†For iPhone X, Xs Max, Xr, 8 and 8 Plus you’ll have Press The Volume Up Button, Press the Volume down button then Press and Hold the Power Button till you see the Apple Logo come up on screen.
  2. For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus you just need to Press and Hold the Volume Down Button and Power Button simultaneously till you see the Apple Logo on screen.
  3. For iPhone 6s and Earlier iPhone Models, Simply Press and Hold the Power Button and Home Button Simultaneously till the Apple Logo comes up on screen.

If your iPhone comes up after performing the forced restart then let it boot and you can continue using your device as nothing happened. If it doesn’t, then it might be time to visit an authorised iPhone repair technician for further assistance.

App Causing The Black Screen Of Death

This rarely happens but it does happen. If you tried opening an app before the screen went blackout of the blue then it’s probably a problem from the app. Although the app reboots itself when this happens but trying to open that app again will cause the phone to reboot again. When this happens, you’ll need to update the app from the Apple App store as that usually fixes the issue. If there is no Update, then you’ll need to wait for an update to come out which will fix the problem.


These are usually the causes and solutions to the black screen of death on iPhones. However, if you’ve tried all the methods above and still unable to fix the black screen of death then be sure to let us know through the comment section down below. If the solution above worked for you, also let us know which did in the comment section down below.

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