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iPhone Screen Recorder: How to Screen Record on Your iPhone

The iPhone “Screen Recording” option works like an advanced version of a screenshot; here’s a guide on how to screen record on the iPhone.

This feature is handy in situations where you want to share useful iPhone tips or some exciting apps with your friends. If you take a screenshot, it may seem drab, unlike a video.

To screen record on your iOS device, you will use the Control Center function on iOS 12 or iOS 13, powering the new iPhone 11 series.

Screen recording lets you create short demos, record your gaming wins for posterity, and create videos, which you can share on the social media, especially YouTube.

If you choose, you can record the video without adding narration or can include narration captured using your phone’s mic. This is all you need to know about screen recording on your iPhone:

Getting Started

The majority of people know that 2-button gesture for grabbing a screen and storing it in your Photos application. So, it is all too easy to take a screenshot — a single still image of your phone’s screen.

However, relatively fewer iPhone users know the steps for capturing a video of their device screen.

Fortunately, Apple made it easy to do this. Once you’re in the act — of recording — you can launch various apps, make any selections you want. You can do virtually anything with your iPhone, just as you would normally.

It is all saved as a video, which you can share on social media networks, email, or upload online like any other file. Do note that before you can record the screen, the first thing to do is to enable the option by adding it to Control Center.

Turning on Screen Recording on Your iPhone

  • Press the Settings icon -> Control Center -> Customize Controls.
  • Navigate to “Screen Recording.” If you can’t find it in the “Include” section, press the green plus sign, and it will move to the section.
  • To re-arrange the Control Center, move Screen Recording (in addition to other Control Center options) with the aid of the drag bars that are on the right side of your screen.

Recording Your iPhone Screen

Apple has made it seamless to perform screen-recording on your iOS mobile device:

  • Start by opening the Control Center and then pressing the Screen Record icon (a white circle enclosed within a circular ring).
  • Once you tap it, you have to close the Control Center within 3secs. before your iPhone starts the recording
  • A red bar will pop up at the top of your device screen, which will let you know the recording is in progress.
  • To add audio to the screen recording, tap the Screen Record feature with extra pressure (through 3D Touch) to access more options.
  • You will now see a pop-up menu appear in the middle of your phone screen
  • The next thing is to hit the Microphone Audio icon -> Start Recording to proceed

When you’re done recording, you can stop the action by tapping on the red timer on your screen top. The message, “Screen Recording video saved to Photos,” will pop up in your Notification Center.

Tap on this message to open your Photos app. Now, go ahead and watch your video.

Alternatively, you can stop recording by heading to the Control Center and pressing the Screen Record icon.

How to Find & Edit Your Recording

You will find your new recording in the Camera Roll.

Here is what you need to do to see it:

  • Launch Photos; the video should be the newest item on the app
  • If you want to put some finishing touches, you can trim the start or end of the recording.

If you choose to edit the video and then save it as a new clip, do note that it will not have any effect on your original video. It will produce an edited version to be shared.

Take the following steps to edit your video demo:

  • Locate the video in your Photos app and press it
  • Hit the Edit option
  • At the bottom of your iPhone screen, tap & drag the arrow at the start of your recording to the right, and it’ll change to a yellow frame
  • Adjust the frame size to trim down your video down to only the section you need
  • Press Play any time you want to make sure you’re satisfied with the editing
  • Press the “Done” option and hit “Save as New Clip”

In a Nutshell

The process to deploy the iPhone Screen Recording feature for creating short demos, recording your gaming laurels for posterity, and creating videos, is straightforward. The option works on your iPhone like an advanced version of a screenshot.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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