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iTel S32 Unboxing and First Impression Review

Think about a great looking affordable device, nice build quality, handy and light-weight. Not only that, a device that is packed with a lot of features and a camera that captures excellent selfie.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I introduce to you, the itel S32 smartphone

In this post, I will be doing justice to the itel S32 unboxing and everything that you will need to see inside the package. You must have seen the itel S32 being unboxed somewhere else

But I bet you,

This is the itel S32 unboxing and first impression you need to see

So basically, this itel S32 unboxing will answer many of your questions and concerns such as

  • Does the itel S32 come with dual SIMS and an SD card slot?
  • How much is itel S32 in Nigeria?
  • Does it come with an earpiece and smart case?
  • Is the battery removable or irremovable?
  • Does it have a fast charge?

These and more, you will get an answer to in this article.

Without wasting much time, let’s go straight to the business of the days -the itel S32 unboxing and first impression review.

Itel s32 pack

The device is housed in a box with a blend of black and red colour with the inscription of the brand’s name, the phone name and a sticker telling you that you are entitled to a 12-month warranty and another one from 9mobile[ formally Etisalat]. You get a 1.5G of data upon activation on your 9mobile Sim.

Itel s32 pack 2

Wrapped around the pack, is a cellophane nylon to prevent liquid from entering it.

Itel s32 unboxing

I have to remove this first

At the other side of the box, is where you will see the key specs of the phone

Itel S32 Key Specs

  • 5.5-inch IPS Display, 720 x 1280 pixels (267 ppi)
  • 1.3GHz quad-core Processor with 1GB / 2GB RAM
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • 16GB Storage, up to 32GB memory card support
  • 8MP Rear Camera and 8MP + 2MP Dual Front Camera
  • Optional 4G LTE support
  • Fingerprint Sensor (Rear)
  • Dual SIM support
  • 3000 mAh Li-ion Battery

Itel s32 unboxing 3

I know you are eager to see the content of the box.

To be honest with you, I feel the same way too.

So let’s open the box.

Itel s32 unboxing 4

And here comes the device itself, It is painstakingly placed at the top.

Itel s32 unboxing 5

Upon removing the phone, you are greeted with two other smaller boxes

Itel s32 unboxing 6

Inside the first box, you get a back cover and the battery (a 3000mAh battery), now you know that the battery is removable and the good looking back cover, which I so much love

Itel s32 unboxing 7

While the second box contains a pair of earpiece, USB cable and the wall adapter charger

So in a but shell, this is everything you will find inside the box

  • A pair of headphone
  • USB cable
  • Wall adaptor charger
  • A back cover
  • A 3000mAh removable battery

Itel s32 unboxing accessories

Now let’s go into the design of the phone.

When you pick up the phone from the box, you will find a sticker placed at the front. You will have to remove this first.

Itel s32 unboxing accessories 2

At the front, of the screen, you will find the mouthpiece, notification light, flash LED light for the selfie camera and the dual selfie cameras. You can switch between a normal selfie and a wide Angel selfie.

Itel s32 unboxing accessories 3

At the button of the screen are 3 physical buttons. The apps switcher (multitasking), the home button and the exit button.

The back of the itel S32 is made of plastic with a metallic feel. The 8MP pixel camera is positioned visibly at the top left corner followed by the dual LED flash.

Itel s32 unboxing-camera

The fingerprint scanner is placed just below the camera and the itel logo is stylishly inscribed at the button. Like I said earlier, the phone comes with a removable battery and this means that you have to remove the back cover to be able to insert the battery and the SIM cards.

Upon removing the back cover, you are immediately greeted with the dual sim slots and a slot for Micro SD card.

Itel s32

There are no buttons on the left side of the phone while on the right side, are the volume controller and the power button.

Itel s32 unboxing-design

The top of the device houses the 3.5mm audio jack and positioned posteriorly is the charging port which is being flanked on both sides by the speaker grills

Itel s32 unboxing-design 2

iTel S32 Unboxing My first impression

My first love for the itel S32 is the design. It is quite light in the hands and when you look at the back, you wouldn’t know it is made of plastic. It looks premium and the edges are well rounded.

My second love is the UI- The user interphase is beautiful and intuitive though is not close to what you get in a stock android. There are still a couple of bloatware like Palmchat, palmstore, touchpad pack etc which luckily be uninstalled.

The devices currently retails for N35,000 and can be purchased at all retail shops in Nigeria

This is just itel S32 unboxing. Lemme know what you want me to talk about in the full Review

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  2. the problem am having with itle is space…
    speed in browser.
    and other android phone are upgrading theirs so guy should also do something about those things I mentions. and please upgrad ur mp please… some phone upgrading to 20mp