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Kwese TV customer care Contact Phone Number and Email Address

Kwese TV Customer Care Service Contact

Kwese TV was launched in Nigeria in late November and since then the cable TV provider has been breaking boundaries. All you need to do is visit a Kwese TV branded store and get your decoder for just N10,960. It also comes with free installation kits and first free month of watching all channels.

Kwese is actually the first pay-as-you-watch cable TV provider in the country. The 3days plan costs N990, the 7days plan costs N1,850, while the 30days plan costs N6,275. Once you are on a plan, you get access to over 60 channels of pure entertainment, from both international and local channels.

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Lots are tired of the DSTV lead monopoly business in the cable TV industry and are seriously searching for alternatives. Now for those who would be interested in getting the Kwese TV decoder. You need to know if you would be able to reach out to them, especially when you encounter a problem with their services. Additionally, you need to know where to get their decoder. The channels they show and the ones that are “free to air”.

There are so many reasons you need to know about Kwese TV contact details. Below are exclusive details on how to reach the cable TV company all over Africa. You can choose any of the methods that best suits your lifestyle.

Kwese TV Customer Care Service Contact

・Phone Number: +1 4407312
・Address: 12 Lawanson Road, Surulere, Lagos.
・Twitter: @WatchKwese

2. Botswana
・Phone Number: 267074335261
・Address: Plot 12893, Taung, Tshwagong Crescent, Broadhurst, Gabarone.

3. Ghana
・Phone Number: 024 242 6172
・Address: New Weija Phronesis Hub Choice Junction Down, Accra.

4. Kenya
・Phone Number: 070 950 0800
・Address: Suite 10, Chaka Count Argwings Kodhek Rd, Hurlingham, Nairobi.

5. Lesotho
・Phone Number: 266022211000
・Address: Econet Busstop Area Shop, Corner Pitsoground Stadium, Next To Studio88, Maseru.

6. Liberia
・Phone Number: 2310776946928
・Address: Tubman Boulevard, Monrovia.

7. Malawi
・Phone Number: 01895555
・Address: 250 Mwanza Street, Area 15, Lilongwe.

8. Rwanda
・Phone Number: 025 250 0511
・Address: Airport Road, Kigali.

9. Sierra Leone
・Phone Number: 232077171012
・Address: 12, Free Street, Freetown.

10. South Africa
・Phone Number: 010 110 0735
・Address: –

11. Swaziland
・Phone Number: 268076217453
・Address: Matsapha.

12. Tanzania
・Phone Number: 041 120 0092
・Address: –

・Phone Number: 020 240 8004
・Address: Plot 63, Kampala Road, Kampala.

14. Zambia
・Phone Number: 021 137 4674
・Address: Plot 10020 Kamwala Central Park, Lusaka.

15. Zimbabwe
・Phone Number: +263119119
・Address: Shop No. 14, Seke North Shopping Mall, Harare.

Above are Kwese TV Customer Care Service Contact for the various countries they operate

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  1. Iam so dissapointed with kwese team on the way you handle customers. Honestly speaking iam not happy with the reception you have displayed. Are you really in existence or it is just by name?I don’t think you even open your website.

  2. Good morning kwese team.Iam SIMUNGALA Henry of Mbala.I resubmitted the details of my decoder which i bought in Mbala Pep stores on month end of October 2018.The details were sent on 6/12/18,requesting clearance and activation of an Account so that payment could be made.The details are as follows;Zambia Air Force, box 420192,Mbala.Serial no.BS1003082A002989.Chip id 060080C6A95A60B4.Card no.N8140079544.Please help us to start enjoying kwese programs, thanking you in advance.

  3. Kwese management.Iam Simungala Henry from Zambia Air Force Mbala.I sent the details of our decoder we bought from Pep Stores in Mbala,month end of October 2018.We are requesting for the Account number so that we can make a payment.I will appreciate your assistance,thank you.

  4. Good afternoon. Iam SIMUNGALA henry from Zambia Air Force Mbala.I posted the details for kwese decoder for creation of an account. The dish is already installed awaiting signal.How do i make a percent?I need your help,thank you.

  5. kwese stopped showing almost all of its channels a few months back and they gave us
    free channels that include zbc tv and gospel channels. Recently I have noticed that all channels have finally come to Stop showing. They all have an error message ” YOU ARE NOT SUBSCRIBED TO THIS CHANNEL” now my question is, Is Kwese or Econet or whoever is responsible for it going to refund us our money??!…because we have kwese devices that are just on our display cabinets for nothing you cant pay and you cant view.

  6. On Friday 19th October 2018 I wished to pay my Kwese subscription of $49.00.
    Due to Ecocash challenges I ended up attempting many retrials at.5:44
    AM, 05:46 AM, and 05:48 AM.

    However the 05:46 AM the transaction was reversed. Therefore overally, I
    paid for two months subscriptions, that is at 05:44 AM and at 05:48 AM .

    I need your confirmation that I have indeed paid 2 months subscription.
    If you have any queries I am happy to bring the Ecocash messages
    which reflect the transactions.
    Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

    John Moyo

    Phone: +263773624707
    Email :
    Kwese Acc: 26300053986

  7. I subscribed a top of $5 on 29 Aug after kwese offered a promotion where my account was credited $4 for a one week subscription but to date i have not been connected. My account number is 26300144473 and my name is Chrispen Manyuke. Please connect me onto Kwese.

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