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To Challenge African Mobile Phone Leaders, KXD Mobile Offers All-Around Best Budget Smartphone KXD W50 for Only ₦ 16,280

The African market is getting more and more competitive than ever. With so many mobile brands pouring into this potential market, consumers have much more choices but also more difficulties in choosing the right phone. For example, even in the low-end market, there are hundreds of models with a slightly small difference. It is hard to find a perfect entry-level phone because of the limited cost.

But now a Chinese manufacturer KXD Mobile has stirred things up by bringing a super budget smartphone with a lot to offer. Compared with most entry-level phones, KXD W50 delivers better multi-media performance. KXD W50 features a 5-inch IPS display with RawColor technology, enhanced speaker and 8MP+5MP camera. 1G RAM+8G ROM and pure Android system without bloatware guarantee smooth and fast experience.

Kenxinda KXD W50

Moreover, KXD W50 packs with a 2100mAh Li-polymer high-density battery. Most low-end phones use Li-ion battery, which is not safe in some cases. But KXD W50 uses Li-polymer battery which is safer and can provide longer battery life. With a small screen, low power-consumption processor and Android power-saving technology, KXD W50 can last longer than average.

 KXD W50

If you compare KXD W50 with Tecno F1, you will know 50 is a better choice:

KXD W50Tecno F1
Display5.0’’ IPS RawColor5.0’’ TN
Price₦ 16,280₦ 19,550

Now KXD offers flash sale for W50. There is a limited supply for only ₦ 16,280. The original price is ₦ 20,370. There is a limited quantity for only 1 week till Dec 3rd. You can buy it here

W50 hands-on video:

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