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How to Check Mtn Data Balance

Are you an MTN subscriber looking for how you can check your data balance? Then you are on the right page. In this simple guide, I will be showing you the codes you need to dial to check your MTN data balance.

Mtn data balance is usually shown in MB if you have 1GB of data, this will be written and displayed as 1000MB. This is because 1000MB equals 1Gigabyte of data. It is important you check your data balance from time to time especially if you are surfing heavily on the internet like streaming online and you don’t have an unlimited data plan

Just like other telecommunication companies in Nigeria and all over the world, MTN has a dedicated code in place for its subscribers to quickly check their data plan balance. This is done to help them monitor their data usage.

It is called USSD, which means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). With this code, users can check data balance, check call balance, and even check data bonus as well. 

So back to the so aim of this article. You can check your Mtn data balance by following these three steps below

Code To Check MTN Data Balance

Check your Data via MTN App.

The MTN mobile app is an all-encompassing app. It has everything you need from subscribing to a plan -to call or data to check your call or data balance. The app is available on the Google play store. All you need is to download and install it on your mobile phone.

Check Data Balance Via Code

You can check Mtn data plan balance by using this code which depends on the data subscription you have.

To check how much data you have left on your Mtn data subscription, Simply Text 2 to 131. An SMS will be immediately sent to you and you will also get the amount of data you have left displayed on your mobile phone screen.

Codes To Share Mobile Data

If you have excess data, you can share it with your friends and family members. To do so, Dial *691*7# or text sharebalance to 131

Code to check Mtn Social Packs data balance

MTB Goodybag: Text 403 to 131

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