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Naija Ludo: How to Download & Play Naija Ludo Game

Ludo has been one of the most popular indoor games for a very long time. In this guide, we discuss how to download and play Naija Ludo game.

Naija Ludo is a strategy board game that involves 2 – 4 players, where the players race their four tokens (pieces) from the beginning of the game to the end, depending on the rolls of a single die.

Ludo, like other cross & circle games, is a derivative of Pachisi, which is an Indian game, though it is simpler.

Ludo is known by various game names with different derivations of the root word, pachisi: Parcheesi in North America; Parchís in Spain and Parxís in Catalan; Parqués in Colombia; six mi Ludo in Ghana; and Ludo in Nigeria.

Let’s explore the features of Naija Ludo, which is played with four pieces in each house as well as a set of dice, and how to download and play it on the phone.

Features of Naija Ludo

Naija Ludo is designed by Tonielrosoft, based in Plateau State, Nigeria. The software boasts over 1 million downloads on Google Play, offering users an array of fascinating features and capabilities.

This gaming app has added more boards and lets you select among three colourful boards. Tap the “more” button from the 1st screen to gain access to the option.

Apart from this, there is an online multiplayer mode that allows you to play with any of your friends or family in any part of the world, right on your Android smartphone.

Other features of the Naija Ludo game:

  • Visual hand added
  • Bluetooth multiplayer supported
  • Online Multiplayer supported
  • Speed control to adjust how fast a piece moves
  • Difficulty levels included (Easy, Normal, Hard & Advanced)
  • There is an option to play with one die or two dice
  • The game allows you to enable or disable barrier
  • It lets you enable or disable safe-house
  • There is a feature to position board to suit your style
  • The app lets you take a piece out on either capturing an opponent’s piece or completing all the steps in the track
  • It allows you to play again on capturing an opponent’s piece, regardless of the move’s outcome
  • Naija Ludo supports multiple languages: English; Italian; French; German; Indonesian

You can enjoy instant access to all the features of this game through Options.

How to Download Naija Ludo

Naija Ludo

You can download this classic gaming app in 2 ways:

  • The first method is by visiting Naija Ludo’s download link on the Play Store.
  • Alternatively, launch the Google Play Store app on your phone (on the home screen or menu) and tap “Naija Ludo” in the search portal. You will then see the app among the top search results.

Once you download the game and install it, launch it to start playing the popular game.

How to Play Naija Ludo

Ludo’s a classic dice & race game, played using four pieces for each player as well as a set of dice. Naija Ludo currently offers support for only two players that will each use two houses.

Each player controls eight pieces in this game, and your objective is to move all eight pieces home before your opponent does.

Moving Pieces: A player that has a red house begins the game (when a player wins, the party that lost will starts the game using a red house).

  • A piece only comes out of the house when a die is tossed to give 6. However, a piece already on the track is allowed to move with any outcome of cast dice. Pieces move through the track beginning from home to the board middle. There are fifty-six (56) steps in a track.
  • A piece is only removed on traveling successfully through all the steps or on capturing an opponent’s piece.

Capturing a Piece: A player’s piece is allowed to capture the opponent’s if it lands in a block, occupied by an opponent’s piece. When the piece is captured, it has to be taken back home as the player’s piece leaves of the board.

  • Do note that the secret of this Ludo game is, capturing as many of your opponent’s pieces as possible and avoiding getting captured by your opponent’s piece.
  • It isn’t possible for a piece to capture an opponent’s piece if the remaining outcome is not able to be used.
  • Also, bear in mind that a player is only allowed to roll dice two times consecutively or more so long each die brings an outcome of 6 (the first die outcome being 6 and the second also 6).

The outcome of dice has to be played before another one is rolled, regardless of the outcome. Lastly, head to settings and switch Direct Count on to ensure fast and smooth play.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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