Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC), Uses and Everything you should Know

The term NFC isn’t new to the Smartphone users. A lot of people would rather not have a phone that doesn’t have or support NFC even if it is offered at a lower price. This is because the indispensable features NFC can offer is far much greater than phones without it. However, for the benefit of those who are ignorant of what NFC is, we’ll explain what NFC is and we how well it can be used.

What is NFC?

The Near Field Communication (NFC) allows wireless communication between two electronic devices between 4cm-10cm apart to connect with each other. NFC tags can be very small and unpowered as the reading device can generate a Radio Frequency (RF) field that can power the tag. Normally, it seems more like a sticker as you can actually stick it to anything like a bag or a phone case.

NFC used for payment via Android Pay

NFC devices are used in contactless payment systems, similar to those used in credit cards and electronic ticket smartcards and allow mobile payment to replace/supplement these systems. Android-powered devices with NFC simultaneously support three main modes of operation:

  1. Reader/writer mode, allowing the NFC device to read and/or write passive NFC tags and stickers.
  2. P2P mode, allowing the NFC device to exchange data with other NFC peers; this operation mode is used by Android Beam.
  3. Card emulation mode, allowing the NFC device itself to act as an NFC card. The emulated NFC card can then be accessed by an external NFC reader, such as an NFC point-of-sale terminal.

Benefits of  NFC

  • Automatically includes a Wi-Fi Network

Android users utilizing the NFC network need not to continually have to remind their guests what their Wi-Fi password. By simply employing the NFC tags, the workload of scribing such details down wouldn’t be all that necessary. All you need do is to use the Trigger app, or long-press on the Wi-Fi network in “Settings” area present in Android 5.0.1 and above versions, to effectually register their Wi-Fi network information to a tag which anyone can tap on to get information.

  • Effectual Keeping Fit Exercise

When working out and you don’t want to be disturbed, all you need do is to place a tag on your sports bag which activates your device flight mode and launches your workout playlist. Using the “toggle” option, you can change the process by simply tapping the tag again once done,

  • Send Files, Photos, & More with Android Beam

Every NFC-enabled Android devices always come with an interesting feature called the “Android Beam.

” This Android feature allows you to share media files, links and documents to another phone by just bringing the two phones together. It is one of the easiest and fun ways to share contents anywhere, anytime with your family and friends.
  • Mobile Wallet on your Phone

Obviously, you must have heard of or tried transferring funds from the comfort of your Smartphone. Android Developers have, however, included ‘Android Pay’ option available on all devices running Android KitKat or higher to pay for goods and services using nothing but your phone. Once you install the app, add a card, and tap it wherever you have to pay—you’ll be off and running in no time.

  • In the office

You can place a tag on your office desk and you can let it set your phone to silent (or vibrate mode), turn off all the phone sounds; turn off the Wi-Fi to connect to work network etc. When heading back home, you can also use a second tag, which will let your loved ones know that you’re leaving office and you will be seeing them soon.

  • Create a hotspot for your laptop or tablet

Sharing internet connection is another vice that has come to stay on Android Smartphones and other devices. However, this is made possible through Hotspot sharing and Wi-Fi connections which automates with just a single tap of your phone, using the NFC. This is done by placing a tag on your notebook, tablet or on their cases and let it turn on your phone’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Make sure to let the tag toggle your Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can turn it off again with a tap once your need is over.

  • Auto Usage

What about playing musical stereos in your car and driving guides? Well, on the off chance that you have a Bluetooth-compatible radio or headset, the NFC tag will certainly make things easier for you. It does so by activating your Smartphone Bluetooth automatically which connects to your radio or headset and let it play your favourite playlist.

Also if you’re an avid Google Map user, you can apparently use certain tags on the Google Maps and disable turning off the screen while charging.

These and many more are some of the basics on how NFC affects our daily activities,

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