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Official: Phones Sold in the EU Must Adopt USB C from December 2024

The European Union has made public its new “Common Charger Directive” in its official journal. There is now a date for when it’s going to be effective in Europe. For some time now the European Union has been deliberating on making sure all manufacturers use Type C ports on all gadgets that will be used in Europe.

Starting on December 28, 2024, all phones, speakers, gaming consoles, earbuds, headphones, mice, keyboards, and cameras will have to use USB type C. If the charging is also higher than 15 Watts then the brand will be required to use power delivery.

The new guide will affect Apple as they have refused to move from the lightning port to USB C. There has been some pressure from tech enthusiasts and consumers for Apple to switch but it didn’t happen. The law will also affect other brands using USB C, because if the charging is higher than 15 Watts then it must be compatible with Power Delivery.

It remains to be seen if we are going to get a USB-C iPhone because there are rumors of a portless iPhone. By doing so they will not breach the regulation and there have been plenty of rumors about it already. The law covers only wired charging and other charging methods haven’t been regulated yet.

Laptop manufacturers will be required to comply with the law by April 28, 2026, as well. Other EU member countries will adopt and publish the new law. They will also work towards making sure they comply with the provisions of the new law.

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