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OnePlus 6 comes with Seamless Updates with its stock Android-like OS

The new OnePlus 6 has become the first device from the company to come with seamless updates. A new feature Google introduced with the Android Nougat operating system, which lets users download and install Android updates in the background. This will make the OnePlus 6 give users stock Android-like experience, even with the Oxygen OS on top.

This is the first device from the company to come with the feature, even though the 5T also runs on Oreo currently. That’s not all, other flagships from the big guns like Samsung or LG didn’t come with the feature, even the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus lacks Seamless Updates.

Seamless Updates debuted with the Nougat operating system, you can find the feature on the latest Sony, Google, and Motorola smartphones. The feature allows Android updates to automatically install in the background not just being downloadable only. This means once a new Android update is ready, you don’t have to go through the lengthy stress of installing it.

OnePlus 6 Seamless Updates

Once you get the update notification, you just install it in the background while doing your normal tasks. Once the installation is complete, just reboot your phone and voilĂ ! You’re on the new operating system update. This will let you do other things while installing a new Android update, and it’s called the Seamless Updates.

This was quite inevitable for OnePlus, the company offers the closest experience to stock Android while having a UI. The Seamless Updates is just an addition to its stock Android-like experience. Although the feature didn’t grab attention like its notched screen and glass back, but the fact still remains that OnePlus is the closest thing to Nexus outside of Pixel, in terms of user interface.

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