Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Opibus Electric Vehicle Rebrands As Roam Motors

Opibus, a Swedish/Kenyan technology company that is into, designing, developing, and manufacturing electric vehicles that are meant for the African continent, has officially transformed its name to Roam Motors.

Roam is among the top leading transition to sustainable transport in Africa. It became the first and top company to deliver locally produced electric motorcycles and electric buses.

With nearly 100 employees, currently Roam is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in the whole of Africa and it has the largest fleet of electric motorcycles set out, and recently National Geographic was featured in the print issue.

The reason for this change is to better represent the values the company stands for. ROAM simply means to pass through over a wide area, signifying the company’s exploration of Africa.

The new name is proposed to reflect the company’s ambition to electrify Africa’s transportation segment, with its grand ambition to deliver disruptive technologies which are optimized for general use all over the continent. 

“This is more than a name change, it’s a milestone that brings us closer to realizing our ambition as leaders in providing electric mobility solutions and energy systems for the African region.

It is exciting to see how far we have come and forging forward, it is even more thrilling seeing there are endless possibilities to what we can achieve in Africa.” Filip Lövström, CEO, ROAM (prev. Opibus)

The conversion to Roam changes the page on Opibus, which has been regulated since 2017. Over this period, it has now been advanced to electric motorcycles and, in recent times, the launch of the first all-electric bus, that is designed and developed in Africa. All these were the former stages of the early protocol across the company’s growth.

Underneath the umbrella of Roam, the company intends to be serving Roam Motorcycles, Roam Transit (buses), Charging, Roam Energy, and Muse which covers the consultation for the mining, utility, and Safari segment, which together create a brochure and feasible ecosystem solution for the transport sector.

The company intends to focus on electric vehicles and energy system solutions, with a scale-up in their deployment. In the rear years of market research, the mass transportation sector has just emerged as an area with the greatest impact on transportation.

Africa’s road transport sector accounts for 50% of the continent’s transport emissions and 23% of global transport emissions. For this purpose, the company has intrusively made a leapfrog for this emerging market with its main focus on mass transit.

In South Africa, Africa’s largest motor vehicle market, only 269 plug-in vehicles were sold in 2021. Firms such as Roam that are developing vehicles locally that are only focused on the local markets will have a huge role to play in the conversion of electric mobility on the continent.

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