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OPPO R15 and R15 Dream Mirror Edition Confirmed with iPhone X-Like Notch

The top-notch has been quite a trend for smartphone manufacturers at the 2018 Mobile World Congress. The trend started first when Apple released the iPhone X, we thought the trend would die off soon but MWC happened. At the event, we saw lots of smartphones with the bezel-less top-notch design.

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has joined the train as well. The company announced the OPPO R15 & R15 Dream Mirror Edition earlier today. Releasing a small teaser image, from the photo it’s pretty much obvious the phones come with the top-notch.

There are super minimal bezels at the bottom as well but it’s almost invisible. In the past, we have seen Oppo copying Apple’s design in minor ways but this was a major bang, even though the top-notch was rampant at the MWC.

OPPO R15 and R15

The screen to body ratio will be pretty much impressive like the Galaxy S9 and Zenfone 5, both of which were unveiled at the MWC as well. That’s just what’s visible outside though, the OPPO R15 internally should come with an advanced facial recognition technology.

It might be like the one on Apple’s iPhone X but we can’t be so sure. At the back, it’s rumoured to come with a vertical dual rear camera at the top left.

The OPPO R15 runs on Android 8.1 Oreo with Color OS 4.0 skin on top, it has a virtual home button as well according to rumours. Under the hood, there are rumours it houses the new Snapdragon 670 chipset and an Octa-core processor. Oppo’s R series is important to the company and known for bringing in many sales globally and dominating the midrange market.

I think OPPO will do their best on the OPPO R15 to keep their existing customers and attract new ones with mind-blowing features. The OPPO R15 doesn’t have an official release date yet. But according to speculations, an announcement is certain before the end of March.

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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