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Phone Apps For Your Exercise Routine

An individual’s overall health is dependent on so many factors, including diet, lifestyle, and fitness level, among others. People who are physically fit have little to worry about, especially when it comes to maintaining the optimum healthy weight. Often times, keeping fit makes you healthier and less prone to various health problems.

With the invention of mobile devices, things are much easier as you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym for your exercise and workout routines. You don’t always have to have a coach by your side keeping tabs and planning your next workout routines, thanks to advancements in mobile technology, all these are available right at your fingertips. Sometimes all you need is an effective workout app that has a suitable workout plan for you depending on what you [particularly want to achieve.

Below are some phone apps you can use for your exercise routine.

1. Myfitnesspal


For your general fitness exercise routine, this is one app you’ve got to have on your smartphone. It is increasingly becoming popular among users, mainly because it covers a little bit of everything. If you want to keep your calorie levels in check, then this is the app for you. The best thing is that it has work out timers and step tracking options.

2. Sworkit


This is a great exercise planner, timer, and workout app. It features customized workout schedules that are convenient for daily exercise routines. You’ll benefit from various exercises, stretches, and other wholesome activities. With this app, you can have a five-minute stretch even in your office and then embark on a full-blown workout routine on your off days.

3. Jefit


If you are the kind of person interested in weightlifting and bodybuilding, here’s an app for you. This app is more so a bodybuilding app with features that are customized not only for the gym but also for home workout routines. The features are also cross-platform supported between your phone and the web. Some tools that may come in handy include a body measurement log, workout schedule, and interval timers. The best thing is that it works well for both beginners, intermediates and also for those in the advanced levels.

4. Workit


This is also another strength-training and exercise app you might want to try. It comes with a workout tracker and you’ll also be able to create as many workout routines as possible. Unlike its competitors, it has more of a manual touch to it. However, the premium version is more versatile and comes with additional stuff such as a BMI calculator and a feature that allows you to store pictures to track your gains.

5. Nike+Run Club

Best Phone Apps You Can Use For Your Exercise Routine

This works as an exceptionally great running app. Whether you’re a beginner or a habitual runner, this app can be ideal. It features great running routines and other basic stuff. It also has audio-guided workouts and leaderboards to help track your achievements.

Give it a try, and you’ll agree that training with your smartphone as your instructor or guide is plenty of fun, perhaps even addictive. From the list above, you’ll most likely find one or two that suit your fitness goals and workout preferences.  More interestingly, these apps can be used by an individual or even a group for the psyche. With this, you definitely have every reason to keep fit and stay healthy.

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