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Why your phone keeps turning off and How to Fix it

Are you wondering why your phone keeps turning off and how to fix it? Have you been frustrated lately with your smartphone turning off unexpectedly? Well, after reading this post you won’t be any more as we’ll be showing you how to fix the issue.

The Android ecosystem is a fun place to be in until you start facing annoying issues while using your phone. This is why we decided to come up with this post to show you different things that can cause your phone to turn off automatically and how to fix it.

Below are some of the reasons your phone keeps shutting down and how you can fix it.

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Phone Internal Self-Reset

One of the reasons why your phone keeps turning off is due to the internal self-reset. Yes, your phone’s system may occasionally turn off automatically after a long period of usage to reload its memory which is completely normal and doesn’t harm the phone. To fix this, ensure that you manually restart your phone after using it for a couple of days. This will help reset the system and clear app caches thereby making your phone run smoothly.

Scheduled Power ON & OFF

This is an interesting feature on Android phones, the feature turns on or off your phone automatically when it reaches the timer set by the user. So if your phone keeps turning off automatically at a particular time of the day, it could be that this feature is the cause of that. You can fix this issue by simply disabling the scheduled power on/off feature. To do that, open the “Settings” app on your phone, scroll to “System”, click on “Schedule Power ON & OFF, and disable it if it is enabled.

High CPU Usage

High CPU usage can be one of the reasons why your phone keeps turning off and how to fix it is by checking the number of apps running in the phone’s background. It may be that the apps running in the background are too much for your phone’s CPU to carry hence why it keeps resetting by turning off automatically.

You can either uninstall some apps with heavy CPU usage or you can freeze them from running in the background. Make sure you don’t install apps that appear to be too heavy for your phone’s specs.

Faulty Battery

There is no denying that the battery is one of the most integral parts of a phone. So if your phone keeps turning off automatically, one of the first things to check is the battery. If the battery has insufficient current, it won’t be enough to power the phone which could explain why it keeps turning off.

You can fix this issue by simply charging your battery till fully charged, that way you’re sure it has enough current to supply to the phone. But if the battery is bad or faulty to the point where charging does nothing to it, endeavor to replace the battery with a new one. Note: do not try to disassemble your phone’s battery yourself. Chances are the battery is inbuilt, so take it to a repairer or engineer to do that for you.

Power ON/OF Button is Faulty

In most cases, this is the cause of why your phone keeps turning off, and how to fix it is by taking your phone to a trusted engineer or repairer. People don’t pay much attention to the power button on Android phones mostly located on the right-hand side. It could be that the button is faulty and automatically presses when you swing or shake your phone from its previous position. So when your phone is on, and you suddenly shake it, the button presses automatically off your phone.

Firmware Bugs & Software Glitches

Surprisingly hardware malfunctions are not the only things that can make your phone off automatically. In some cases, it could be that there is a firmware bug or software glitch that makes your phone forceful turn off automatically. It is possible that your phone manufacturer is aware of this bug or glitch and has sent you a software update that should fix it.

So all you have to do is check if your phone received a software update, if it did, then download and install the update to fix the problem. You can check for the software update by going to Settings >> System >> check for updates. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and then install the system update. Once it downloads, you’ll need to reboot your phone.

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